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Tanker Tuesday


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Server: Excelsior

Time: 7:00pm CST

Place: Kings Row at the Independence Port gate.


An event begun by The Ring, Tanker Tuesday was arguably the longest running event in City of Heroes history. It is a gathering for Tankers old and new to discuss Tanking builds and strategies while running missions/Taskforces together. As one of the oldest active Tankers from Champion server, I shall rekindle this event and invite you all to join us.

Playing CoX is it’s own reward

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I know juggling the time zones can be rough, but 7:00 pm CDT will be 5:00 pm for us in the Pacific Time Zone. Many folks will just be getting off work at that time, making attending the event difficult. Any possibility we can shift the time to 6:00 pm PDT, which would be 8:00 pm CDT?


If that would create an Issue, I'm willing to run a 2nd/merging TT at 6 pm PDT, or start a TT on Torchbearer running from 6 pm PDT to 8 pm PDT. Let me know what you all think.

Nothing warms your opponent like Fiery Melee.

Tanker Tuesday and Tanker Tuesday Tour Info:

1st Tuesday-Excelsior

2nd Tuesday-Torchbearer

3rd Tuesday- Everlasting

4th Tuesday- Indomitable

Special weekend run for Reunion/Europe

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David Dun from Champion of old. Proud member of the Tanker Tuesday of yesteryear.


Looks like I'll be rolling a hero Tank as I've been a villain for a looong time.


Or maybe start a Villain Tanker Tuesday...?




INV/SS Tank, first toon on live in April 2004, first 50 and now Reborn in 2019

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