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  1. I wrote a popmenu generator. Good friends were going to help me do a big release on this but with my father passing I don't know that I'll even revisit the project. This is functional, it's missing a lot of the bells and whistles I wanted to add. It does not import already made popmenus, it has it's own save file writeup so you can load and edit and export a file the game can read. I'm sure there is QOL changes and maybe a bug or two, but here it is anyway. Screenshots, file etc incoming. menutest_20200821.rar
  2. @Captain Powerhouseis gauntlet an auto hit now or does it still suffer from a to-hit roll? Gauntlet & PunchVoke Gauntlet is now applied via a global proc. Any single target power that takes endurance cost enhancements will trigger an AoE taunt. Every AoE power that takes endurance cost enhancements will taunt the enemies it hit. All Auras that take endurance cost enhancements will taunt the enemies they hit. Radius is now the same for all attacks (10ft, 5 targets max) Taunt scale is now 10% higher than the Brute's.
  3. This isn't going to be exactly what you asked for. I tend to keep the arch/nin close to my chest because it's unique as you don't see them often and it tickles me to see brute comments saying 'how are you able to do that' etc. But, having said that, this build plays very close to the style of the arch ninja and uses a lot of the same slotting ideas for the powers. To at least give you an idea of what you're shooting for. Other than that, the only thing I can tell you is to get the binds/macros to combine insps and eat all the reds to stay at the damage cap. Hero Plan by Hero Hero Desig
  4. arch/nin blaster > spines/fire/fire.
  5. It's still there. Meant to post earlier, AE was disrupted from the server issues earlier today and took a bit to fully come back online. @RialVestro708.5 is in the title, the arc id is something like 58. For what ever reason my brain refuses to remember the arc id but completely holds onto the title.
  6. I can't believe I'm going to say this. I'm 100% against lowering brute damage caps.
  7. Thank you for the reply, I missed the thread about them being blocked although I saw the one about no copyright characters. The specific one I was looking for was fire ants so it looks like a mass blocking took place.
  8. Seems a few arcs are missing. Accident or Intentional? Was also brought to my attention this could have been removed by the creator. However, as their were various '708' arcs with slightly different things in the name from different authors, for them all to be missing seems to be suspect.
  9. Please, if this were true then in PVP zones powers would function exactly the same as they do in PVE zones. But oh look, they don't! They even do different amounts of dmg/res/rechg! And OH LOOK there is a specific set of PVP IOs that grant two different types of bonuses depending on which zone they are in!!!! Your statement is wildly inaccurate. For it to be accurate, things would have to function exactly the same in both sets of zones. Exactly. Honestly, the best thing that could ever happen to this game is to roll back to before PVP, but since that couldn't happen wit
  10. Yeah, I'm a history minor. I hate revisionist history. It doesn't matter if it's ugly, stick to the truth about how things went down, not how you want to remember through rose colored glasses.
  11. You also forgot Intangibility - 'all of them being changed from a toggle to a click' Toggle dropping on tanks/scrappers/brutes/stalkers - 'omg we can't get past their defenses now that IOs are here' And for those of you refuting his claims. You're wrong. ED was done for two reasons, first because pvpers complained about not being able to damage resist based toons because 'omg the six slotted toggles', it was done secondly because IOs were coming GDN was done for two reasons, first because pvpers couldn't hit SR Scrappers. Second because IOs were coming.
  12. This was uncalled for. An attempt was made to get people to relax and chill for a moment to consider information given and you come in here with this?? You owe Myr an apology.
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