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  1. @NoyjitatHere is my damage coming off the rock to tank hami tonight. This is with Single Rage and a LEAGUE worth of buffs on me... There is no way your going to hit this cap.
  2. No, I am not missing the point. You duo with a well built fire kin and get damage capped on a non super strength character to a 300% damage cap. I guarantee your friends 'well built' fire kin will not get you anywhere near the new cap. It isn't possible. You're just looking numbers and falling into the panic of 'won't someone think of the broots'.
  3. Prove it. Screen shot it. Then I'll believe you, because honestly I've played my tank sinc eissue 3, it's impossible.
  4. As a career inv/ss tank, I can assure you there is no way I'm hitting that cap shy of 3 stacked fulcrum shifts. On my farmer brute, on the asteroids, I can only maintain the dmg cap for 30 seconds to a minute while eating all the reds. On my blaster, on the asteroid, I can only maintain the 400% dmg cap for 2 minutes and some change usually. Again, there is no way a tank will ever be able to hit that cap without heavy buffing.
  5. Just so you guys realize, even at 75% on a blaster, you can't just nuke on auto and make a sandwhich. You will die. Quickly. It still takes a crazy amount of work to do the things i do on that blaster. And I have to be on point or I die. One mistake, all it takes. It's a lot like playing regen, I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok I'm... dead.
  6. I didn't actually... im out and about away from mids currently so I have no ability to post more screenshots at the moment. I run at roughly that level 24/7.
  7. I would argue everything in this thread needs to stay because it's all important. From the perceived outrage brute players feel at having their toes stepped on and no longer being the undisputed kings of the playground, to the way career tankers feel about the changes, the way the changes actually feel when piloting a tank, and the actual numbers behind the mechanics.
  8. Don't be shocked. This is an arch/nin blaster, ask anyone, /nin sucks on blasters and is not actually any good for anything. Literally, go look up the 'does ninja suck' thread in blaster forum. All the details why /nin sucks hard are there. It's squishy, don't be fooled. It definitely has never gotten a scrapper or brute killed because they followed me face into Battle Maiden at 4x8. It's definitely never farmed the asteroid/atta cave at 4x8 and it's most definitely never tanked Ghost Widow in the STF. Having said all that, mostly tongue in cheek, you need to realize that the first 2 toons that get any consideration upon logging in are tanks. Slot 1 and 2. My main and my second tank that I adore. Then this blaster, then my controller. That blaster was a math exercise and is around because, ninja and stupid blaster tricks. Even with those stats, I click buttons like a damn kinetics just to stay alive. (I say damn kinetics because it's so clicky! feels like work some of the time) The controller is fun because, wizard. My controller btw....
  9. You realize that having a higher damage cap allows tanks to be a force receiver on teams while making additional tanker 'force receivers' not be irrelevant due to the insanely low damage cap right?
  10. Nah, you don't want that build Myr, /nin sucks on blasters, ask anyone. It certainly can't do all the things I say it can and do on a regular basis like 4x8 asteroids, tank Ghost Widow, etc...
  11. I don't know if you use it or not, but the TP bind is wonderful. /bind SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexec_name Teleport$$powexec_name Shadow Step" and basically, when you hit shift you get a TP reticle, when you click you TP where the mouse is. I couldn't TP without, even with the built in hover.
  12. Well, I mean. He did ask about the blasters... >> I main a tank though 😄 that blaster is my third pick for character when I log on. My second pick is a tank... << Fourth is a troller...
  13. I personally didn't ask for a damage scale buff either. I am a believer a tank should have a large cap though. So that the team can funnel the energy through the tank if they choose. Doing so creates a very interesting coin with tanks on one side and brutes on the other. Basically a selfish tanker and a team tanker. I would expect the damage scalar to be adjusted a hair lower for the tank, even in light of the radius reduction changes.
  14. And you're getting defensive like every brute player that doesn't want their toy touched or lose their specialness. But here's the thing, your not losing anything, Brutes have not been touched at all. You should be very ecstatic about that, your brute is going to do exactly what it's always done. And be glad I'm not in powerhouses shoes, because if I was then brutes would lose the taunt click power and it would be replaced with provoke faster than you can blink. Brutes shouldn't be using taunt anyway, it takes away from fury generation that you can do simply by attacking. Although I think your main problem is tanks coming closer in damage to brutes. You probably would have liked all my original proposals. The current changes are actually very close to what I wanted so I'm supporting them. But you can check out exactly what I wanted here.
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