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  1. As a long time SS user, I would be very interested to try out any ideas that you have on Justin.
  2. True, and they could also spend from then until Kingdom Come trying to shut down more operations like the ones that have pulled off the larger scale rebirth. HAIL HYDRA!
  3. I would say that you might be a masochist for trying to make all of that work.
  4. I use the Market (though nowhere near as hardcore as some you), but having those of you that use it to full effect telling Hera and others how it works gives them both more information and options on the system.
  5. We are the future, Charles, not them. They no longer matter.
  6. How much time does that take away from the combat aspect of the game?
  7. That certainly wasn’t a Nemesis mission or he would have realized it very quickly.🤣
  8. As I recall, this was the primary way to earn Influence in the old reality. It’s just as easy in this one.
  9. Very much this and tiny’s post above. After all of those years of live Invention/WW conditioning, it can be difficult to see that the old way is no longer the case. Those two systems are very casual friendly now.
  10. For a set bonus, yes. For the enhancement bonus, no, because those scale with the level of the enhancement.
  11. There you go, newbie. Plenty of people willing to help. if you have any questions, my global is my forum name. I’ll be back on by Friday evening.
  12. Water/WP/Leviathan Sentinel Soon, it will be the end of your surface-dweller ways.
  13. When I play a Mastermind, i am just running my team with seven more pets.
  14. We have 1,000 character slots. If this game lasts for at least as long as the old reality, there’s always room to give it a go.
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