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  1. The most hilarious thing to me was when I saw GM DFB requests. It even spams LFG chat during a stress test.🤣
  2. Tracking how many times Willpower characters can take aggro from other aggro aura sets would have been my primary choice up until it was boosted in the coming patch.
  3. That looks like it’s in your inventory, Hera. Click the Workbench tab.
  4. We shall call this “Summon The Emmert” temporary power.
  5. Two pages in and no one calls for nerfing Regen? All of you disappoint me.
  6. Sure it does. You don't remember making this exact same post the last 1345663424 times in this infinite time loop?
  7. That would have to be mutually exclusive with the Fighting Pool to even consider that as anything more than power creep.
  8. That 10% boost in taunt Mag is going to give us some of that. What more crowd control do you propose?
  9. Were these the tests using Stacked Rage on a Tanker compared to a Brute at 50% Fury in the first patch? After your testing, Sir Myshkin and several others, we all know that Super Strength is broken and the epitome of outliers for this concept. And thank you very much for that, as now, we’re likely to get a rebalanced Super Strength (without those ridiculous side-effects) once the Captain gets around to power set passes in the future.
  10. Nail on the head. Once the damage, secondary effects and Taunt magnification kick in (along with that 10% taunt mag increase), you shouldn’t have any issues unless something is broken.
  11. As I recall, they were removed from Taunt auras because of the set Procs. if they work in Chilling Embrace, my Ice Tanker may move to the playlist much sooner than anticipated.
  12. You can edit the tab and remove LFG. You can also make a separate LFG tab if you like.
  13. To clarify. Those powers always took Taunt enhancements, the ability to take Taunt sets was removed.
  14. Thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into this game, Homecoming team.❤️
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