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  1. I highly suggest that anyone wishing to participate in this level of masochism wait until the weekly. The double merits will make the mind numbing experience at least worth something.
  2. The complaining about the name change was old even before this thread started, however, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  3. This. In its current form, Black Hole may as well be an empty line in the power choice window.
  4. The potential to experience this in-game would definitely get my vote.😁 A clarion call. If people thought the “Rage” and “Shock Therapy Name Change” threads were long, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.
  5. A release in the middle of our testing outing. Thanks, guys.❤️
  6. Yes. Could they be patching it as we speak?
  7. A Controller within SO range or so should do the trick. Possibly even a Mastermind.
  8. Thanks, Jimmy, and no worries. I just want to know the parameter that we will be working with before then.
  9. If possible, the answer to this would be great to know before we try out the multiple Rez test.
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