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  1. Myrmidon


    This cannot be stressed enough.
  2. You might be a Tank if... You call other Tankers “squishies”.
  3. @Sir Myshkin has an excellent write up on using Kinetic Melee as a Proc Build on Page 6. Take a look and it may give you some ideas.
  4. And here I thought that I was the only one that played like that.
  5. Move Weave into its slot in Fighting and I would definitely go for this.
  6. That would give us: - 1 recouped power pick. - 1 recouped power socket to use elsewhere. - 8-10 Boosters to use elsewhere. - A whole lot of power creep (although, is it really power creep if everyone gets it for free?).
  7. I know. If it doesn’t make it live, then those two will level the usual way. I still have 31 other characters that can see playtime while they wait.
  8. I have two longtime SG mates that look similar and this update will benefit them tremendously when it finds its final form.
  9. Fully slotted Stamina at level 3 will definitely fall into that category. It’s almost as good as the Tanker AoE update.
  10. After those two, my lowest is 27, so SOs no longer matter on the others. I already have the entire IO set compliment for both of those new characters, I am just waiting to see how the SOs work until the level 17 and 27 sets can be put in place.
  11. I have two level 1 characters parking at Dayjobs awaiting the outcome of this patch.
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