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  1. That has to be government contracts…
  2. That’s the most likely outcome, just replace the Scrapper versions with Sentinel equivalents and we’re good to go.
  3. Evasion is supposed to only be flagged for taunt on Brutes/Tankers because of their aggro control role. You’re absolutely right that it shouldn’t be telling you that.
  4. They likely never added the info to the power description, so it was left out in other data pages. It’s there, no worries.
  5. You will have access to up to three different builds on a single character, so perhaps one building for Tanking and one for Proccing (if you find that you enjoy that).
  6. You have one thousand character slots available, so I would say try all of them.
  7. Also, forum population wouldn’t be close to enough teaming opportunities.
  8. All of these are fine. You may go about your business. Move along.
  9. Whatever Winters that you consider too much, just send them my way. @Myrmidon
  10. At 50, I have one Controller and multiple computations of other ATs (including all of the VEAT build options), however, I just can’t find the motivation to play either Kheldian up.
  11. “Lies. Deceit. Creating mistrust are his ways now.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
  12. We just load them in base storage and leave them open to any SG-mate that wants to use them.
  13. Change the paper missions to Alignment missions and this is pretty much how I tend to run most solo play in this range. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed be bringing able to choose from the entire gambit of those in some future update.
  14. Unless they added a -Fly component to Marauder’s Boulder, you should still be able to Hover-Tank him. All he does at that point is stand around and throw rocks at you. I rolled that way on my second trial once I decided to Tank him, then sent it in as a possible exploit once the trial ended. It just didn’t feel fair to punk a Trial AV so easily.
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