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  1. You can gain access to l of the Patron pools no matter which arc that you prefer to run. So choose the one that you want the badge from.
  2. God Damn. I get the feeling that this is a tad more clicky than I would want to play long-term.😁
  3. If you judge solely by my name, I will always vote for anything from that mythos.
  4. I meant fixing the T1-T2 issue that came up rather than balance passes (if any).😁
  5. I’m sure that the Captain will give us a close to final set of patch notes either during or shortly after the next pass. Let us all pray to the Spaghetti Code gods that Kinetic Melee gets fixed this time around.😁
  6. Here is the original Gauntlet listing. I believe that the only thing that has changed is the radius going from 15’ to 10’. The thing that almost everyone has bypassed is the Taunt scale increase, which should help people that have aggro control issues.
  7. Just the jump change alone would go a long way to making me no longer feel the need to cut off both of my hands rather than play that set.
  8. When my SG mates wonder why I spend so much time in the forums, ideas like this are one of the reasons.😁
  9. I would definitely be willing to wait and see what adjustments those two might get if needs be.
  10. The Captain has already said that there won’t be anymore remakes like they did with Super Reflexes, so we’re going to have to go with either just the Rage change or a set rebalance.
  11. Looking at the Brute build that I just made, it mostly looks like an Incarnate-level or “OH ****!” ability (or an excellent way to mostly disregard that Rage crash).
  12. When Energy Aura first came out, there was no way that I would touch that set without an aggro aura. Once it was updated, I always wanted to give it a go, however, I was waiting on a port to Tankers. This thread has once again interested me enough in the set that I now have an EA Brute sitting at level 1 for the mandatory Miracle/Numina unique combo (I don’t even look at a character without at least those sitting in it’s enhancement tray from the start). Thanks for the input, everyone. I still want to see a Tanker version, however, I’ll finally give the Brute version a go.😁
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