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  1. Move into the enemy and lead off with an AoE. Problem solved.
  2. This “newbie” will happily take as much Influence as you’re willing to send.
  3. I use this when I am leveling to pull out sets for purple replacements at 50.
  4. As an author of one of those threads shown earlier, I don’t really care how Energy Aura is proliferated to Tankers, I just want to see it happen.
  5. For a second there, I read orange or purple inspirations.
  6. More than likely. I reported it as a possible exploit years ago before The Snap, however, it was never changed. I assumed they decided it was working as intended.
  7. This is one of those times that I would very much like to be Wrrr.
  8. If you Hover-tank Marauder, he just stands around throwing a rock at you for almost no damage.
  9. While I agree, I don’t believe the Captain would ever give us anything like this.
  10. Perhaps someone like this is telling them these things. Tyrannical’s “Wild Kingdom” “Today we witness Brute Mains in their natural habitat; the 'pls buff' thread. They are extremely territorial creatures that distrust one another, and are prone to hostility at the slightest provocation, often fighting over mere scraps of logic that are precious sustenance for their arguments. In the event that one 'Alpha' Brute Main challenges another, a battle will ensue for several posts as a fight for domination. This fight can last for days and often there is no clear victor, and both Alphas retreat to their lair to lick their wounds ready for the next pointless spat when a new thread is inevitably created. Brute Mains can easily be stunned if they are presented with an ultimatum; play actual challenging content. This paralyzing attack on their ego is enough to leave them confused and often they back away from such a challenge, afraid to surrender their position. It is rare for a Brute Main to coexist with other players, as their need to be the apex predator encourages them to attack Tankers and Scrappers on sight, thinking them as unwelcome competition in their game. Defenders and Controllers are easy prey for these beasts, driving them out of their teams and into the wilds. It is also rare to see a Brute Main domesticated, as their abandonment of sensibility only deters other players from adopting them into their pack, fearing that they will continue to bitch and whine even when they are presented with small buffs to their performance, and often feigning death cries when they are needed to be nerfed. So remember, if you see a Brute Main in the wild, it's best to leave it well alone, and hope that it doesn't drag you into one of it's inane arguments.”
  11. Add the T1 to the chain and then see how it flows. Kinetic Melee is one of those sets that actually makes use of the it.
  12. To be clear, I believe that GB’s ideas would make a perfect template to expand upon.
  13. Solarverse made a sound addon that sounds a lot like MCU magic. I am going to keep using that until I have to drop it when Kinetic Melee (eventually) receives a balance pass.
  14. Likely because the set was 💩 when it launched and even after it was fixed, you just never got around to it.😁 My reason was that I was waiting for it to port over to Tankers (which is a discussion for another thread, so derail over).
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