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  1. There is far more than Energy Melee to take a look at and, I have to say that this thread being the first to even come close to hitting 100 pages wasn’t even a choice in the pool (mine was basepasscode). In the end, no matter the adjustments, the Captain won’t fails us (as the old Devs did) with this set.
  2. Interesting. No change for you and Tankers get something useful on a power their stick with. You could have just led with that.🤣
  3. If Energy Focus is removed from Bonesmasher, what will Tankers get to compensate?
  4. So, Tankers don’t get to make use of Energy Focus at all until 35 is what you’re advocating? If this change is on the table, then (besides the finger), what do you propose they receive to compensate?
  5. Let the record reflect that Tankers only have the Total Focus/Bonesmasher combo as their sole use of Energy Focus until Level 35.
  6. Today, I noticed that mezzing (Oppressive Gloom) the Zoombies stops them from triggering their explosions. It that’s the intention, then it’s very handy.
  7. Bill, are they also missing when you try /boostset commands?
  8. Level 28 should still be able to find it. The question is, are you a Vigilante or a Hero? Rogues and Villains cannot access this arc.
  9. I would be fine with the Mids update ready a week or two after I27 goes live, however, I would also go for this.
  10. The impression that I get is that the preferred method is to run them in order while leveling, more of a “getting into character” concept. We will likely just have to hand wave running them out of order, however, I look forward to any answer that we receive to your question.😁
  11. My guess is that you’ll have to run through Graveyard Shift to know the answer to that.
  12. Graveyard Shift is the prequel, so it assumes you’ve already been through that one. I keep a tab solely for NPC Dialogue and Caption Cutscenes so that I can go back and read it because of that very thing. I highly recommend it.
  13. Likely. If the PvP aspect is missing from the detailed info, then congratulations on finding something to report.😁
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