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  1. This one is one of my two Defenders.
  2. Lately, they have been notifying us when powers are adjusted the same in the patch notes, however, that may just now be the normal state of adjustments. I would say to definitely be prepared for that.
  3. I have a few SG mates that were in the Legendaries SG on Champion, so Legendary is the only choice.
  4. While I would rather keep the focus here on these changes so that Magneto Flight makes it live quickly, there might be some good ideas if one is created.
  5. Indeed they do. I just tested it on my Thugs/Time to avoid making a fool of myself in case some change patched at the last moment.😁
  6. The other hidden gem didn’t make the patch notes. You can now drag the bonus power from your Powers window into your tray without having to re-enable the popup window.
  7. Just as a general FYI, taking an elevator cancels both Spirit Ward and Enflame, so be aware to retoggle after.
  8. This is indeed correct as I had similar findings in AE as Angel, however, her posting speed is much faster than mine.
  9. Fear not, for without some form of either taunt or lockdown capability, they will still run about like scared chickens.😁
  10. That’s quite tricksy renaming the thread to Release Candidate. At first glance, thirteen pages in four hours would have been quite an experience to read, I’d wager.
  11. Thank you, the idea that Arcane Bolt can turn every AT into a Stalker made me laugh and laugh and laugh.😂
  12. You mean aside from the Travel power (which is definitely useful to every AT)? So far, I have three characters going with more than Mystic Flight for sorcery, all of which are melee ATs (If I want pets, I’ll just grab seven Pick Ups and I’m good to go. 😉). Just a dash of refinement and the set will be fine for everyone, no worries.
  13. So far, I am looking at three builds using Sorcery if these changes go live. I even pulled a 39 out of cryo-sleep in preparation for Page Two.
  14. With SG mates that simply don’t possess the amount of time to play this game that I do, I spend quite a bit of time on in PUGs and let me go assure you that the majority of the playerbase (on Excelsior) does not conform to the “Proc everything to death” theory. The “health of the population pool” is far more casual than you think.😉 Sorry for the derail, so we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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