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  1. Aion. The trash that was used to justify shutting down City the first time. If I was dying and the only way to survive was to play that game, I would be pushing up daisies.
  2. *Deleted due to latency issues. Stupid wireless connection.*
  3. Incarnate trial grinding? No thank you. I would rather not even both with the entire system than have to go through that again. The Gold-side mistake was making it another starting area instead a full-on Incarnate zone(s). If Kallisti Wharf ever gets upgraded, here’s to hoping the Homecoming team gives us another path for our journey as Incarnates protecting the City multiverse. As someone that dropped Invention entirely and paid for Store-bought Origins (Attuned IOs) exclusively the moment that they were released, the current Invention system adjustments are just fine. Where grinding for things appeals to you, starting new characters with full Attuned IO builds before they even earn a single point of experience is my preferred method of play. Let’s adopt the “don’t show me yours and I won’t show you mine” Philosophy, shall we? As has been referenced in this thread and many times on the forums, there is no need for “the sky is falling” theories . City does NOT conform to the same statistical tendencies as other MMOs and is pretty unique in that regard. At the current donation rate, it would be a decade (likely two) before worry about not having enough of that would even be a consideration.
  4. I would suggest not using the Double XP option at all so that you slow progression some to keep the content level. Possible even turning off XP entirely at some points.
  5. Tell that to autocorrect.🤣
  6. Or possibly even a Brute. Sometimes the child can eclipse the power of the parents.
  7. Leave a three-dollar bill under your pillow each night for the EM Fairy and maybe you’ll get your wish.
  8. Prawn is a little to large. Go with 25-30 count shrimp instead.
  9. Honey does NOT get used to ruin my homemade jam.
  10. Think of it as Highlander Physics.
  11. Actually, If Superheroes existed, both Homelander and this guy are exactly how I believe that they would by like.
  12. Here, I have been through Praetoria once (funny enough, on a StJ/WP Stalker) just to replay the story and rarely saw anyone. Praetoria suffers from the same issue as the Rogue Isles, people just prefer to stay in Paragon. The Dev team really missed the boat with Going Rogue on live. I know that they were trying to chase the money, however, things might have turned out better for that if they had turned Praetoria into Incarnate story content instead of starting out with raid grinding. Who knows, If that had been the direction, they might even still be up and running to this day.
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