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Removing Attunement


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As long as the (attuned) piece has a somewhat stable market, with pieces for sale at a typical  'market price', it shouldn't be a very expensive experience to use the market to get the level 50 piece you want. The cost is essentially the 'vig', although if you are INF poor you may have to sell the attuned piece first. I should note that you cannot sell to yourself.


I have kept a sub-optimal (market, SG storage) strategy for attuned/boostable PVP pieces from when I had less Inf but a lot of merits/recipes: I use PVP pieces below level 50 to make attuned pieces (playing converter roulette if necessary) and keep the level 50 pieces for boosting (again, using converter roulette if necessary). I really should just buy what I want from the market when I want it, but I can't break myself of the habit. If the roulette wheel ends on a piece I know sells well and I don't need it: that piece goes on the market, so if I pay attention to the number of 'spins' I can avoid losing Inf even if I am not making as much as I could.


Sidebar: I use attuned PVP pieces in most powers (especially attacks) as my characters level up. ATOs are generally the first priority, but my peculiar habit of having new characters build their own Inf-kitty and not keeping (many) ATO in the SG base affects this a little.


Generally, the PVP-boosted pieces (50+) that I keep are:

  • Defense (Shield Wall)... decent 2- and 3-piece bonuses when added to the +Resistance global
  • Resistance (Gladiator's Armor)... nice 2-piece bonus when added to the +Def global
  • Healing (Panacea), I like the 5-piece bonus for heals taken at low levels (like Dull Pain) or heals that can benefit from a 6-slot of something other than a heal.
  • Holds (Gladiator's Net)... with several good sets to choose from, and so many %procs in Holds, I have a few characters that use 3-slots (with one being the %Lethal proc) dedicated to the PVP set to get the +MaxEnd boost while adding to Accuracy.

In level 50 builds, it is rare that I use boosted PVP pieces in attacks. I think I have one Blaster that uses 5 pieces from Experienced Marksman in a Snipe taken at low level, otherwise I think I always find better options for those powers.



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