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Enemy toggle based debuffs are kind of slow now.

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I had this thought regarding abilities like Darkest Night and the Rad Emission toggles and how they fit into today's version of the game. The powers aren't bad but I feel like they quite literally struggle to keep up with the pace of combat these days, so I'm making the following suggestion:


  1. Speed up the cast times
  2. Make the effect linger on enemies after they leave the radius of the anchor for 5-10 seconds. I don't remember if this is actually already in the game, so bear with me. This will allow the debuffs to remain effective for a reasonable time as the enemies incidentally move away from the anchor, or get knocked away.
  3. In the case of Rad, combine the toggle auras into a single ability. In my considerable time playing Rad I almost always put both toggles on the same target. Usually it's a boss or whatever enemy is strongest. To replace the new power slot, something that synergizes with the toggle would be cool. How about a single target debuff, if you strike the target of your debuff toggle it does a large AoE pulse mag 2 stun or something like that.


Since I'm here I'll ask this question... Is there a way to disable the "toggles don't drop when the anchor is defeated" mechanic? I get why this mechanic exists, and in many ways it's good, but years of playing Dark and Rad have really programmed my brain to play a certain way and I'd like to disable it. Also, my suggestion about the effects lingering after the debuff radius is exited would kind of cover this problem anyway.

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