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New Power Set: Light Aura

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I know Peacebringers sorta cover this, but with a very specific lore reason and mechanics.  We got Warshades despite having a Dark Armor set, so I don't see the issue with another defensive power set.


Light Aura

(Tanker Primary, Scrapper/Stalker/Brute/Sentinel Secondary)


Baseline Mechanic: Similar to how Dark Armor focuses on hindering those around you, I figured that's how a light-themed set would work as well, but almost in the opposite direction.  Instead of cursing nearby enemies with damage, draining their life, or sacrificing your own HP for stuns, you blind those around you with an intense glare and reveal hidden foes with your illuminating presence.


  1. Radiant Shield: Toggle Defense (Smashing, Lethal), Resist (Negative).  Pretty standard basic armor toggle.
  2. Blinding Presence: Auto +Defense (all but Psionics).
  3. Warm Glow: Toggle Resist (Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative). Again, nothing too crazy here.
  4. Purifying Aura: Toggle Protection (Mez), Resist (Toxic, Mez).  I imagine this armor set would focus more on resisting perception debuffs, Disorient, Immobilize, Hold, Sleep, Confuse, Slow, and Teleport, but I don't see knockback making a lot of sense.  Unless people complain, I'm leaving it out.  It needs some kind of hole in its protections.
  5. Intense Glow: Toggle PBAoE Foe (-ToHit, -Perception, -Stealth).  This is your area taunt toggle.  You debuff enemy vision and subtract some value from their stealth modifiers.  This is part of what makes the set unique.
  6. Inspiring Flare: Click Self (+Regen, +Recovery) Resist (Psionic).  This move is your basic panic button.  Use it when low to help top yourself off, though the heal is not instant.  You have to be a little proactive with it.  This is also where your psionic protection comes from.
  7. Obscuring Glint: Toggle Self (Absorb over time, +Perception).  This toggle is similar to casting a move like Spirit Ward on yourself, as it's a stacking absorb shield (not huge) that buys you time for your regeneration effects to work.  Essentially, enemies struggle to land hits because of the intensity of your light, causing some to glance off.
  8. Oppressive Glare: Toggle Foe (Fear, -ToHit).  Basically Cloak of Fear, but they are wincing from the bright light.  I toyed with the idea of it being a sleep effect instead, but let's face it, in a team environment that won't last more than half a second anyway.  Stun seemed too strong without a drawback like Dark Armor's use of your own HP as the resource to maintain the toggle.  At least there's precedent for fear being the "enemies don't attack as much as normal" control effect.  It's like sleep that reapplies after they attack.  So if you hit an enemy, they might make a wild swing in your direction, but otherwise they struggle to see you through the intense glow when up close to you.
  9. Banish Shadows: Click Self (+Regen, +Recovery) Resist (all but Psionic), Foe (-ToHit, -Stealth, -Perception).  This is your defensive steroid and ultimate panic move.  You cause a huge flare of light that blinds and reveals nearby foes, while granting the user regeneration, recovery, and damage resistance to most damage.


Your general gameplay won't differ too wildly from other tank sets, except that you have moves that specifically ruin enemy vision and debuff enemy stealth.  Enemies that like to obscure your team's vision (Night Widows, anyone?) will struggle to do so, while enemies may have trouble seeing anyone beyond a certain point unless attacked by them.  While your resistances are pretty decent across the board, you get a small amount of defense to almost everything, with a larger portion of that reserved for physical attacks, as enemies struggle to land their attacks.  Should those attacks hit, they'll hit fairly hard, but you have Obscuring Glint to turn them into glancing blows.  The closer enemies get to you, the more you assault their eyes with blinding light, causing attacks to miss.  Your Tier 9 takes this to 11, relying on a larger area to hit debuff in place of a defense buff like many T9s have.

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