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"Pet Sounds" - music related character concept


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I plan on making a Mastermind with the name "Pet Sounds".  If you don't already know, it is the title of an album by The Beach Boys.

I plan on choosing Beast Mastery since wolves and lions are close to dogs and cats, the most common pets.

I plan to choose Sonic Resonance as my secondary because of the sound waves.

Beast Mastery offers 4 wolves and 2 lions that I can name. 

Two of the wolves will be named "Banana" and "Louie". Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys had 2 dogs named "Banana" and "Louie" and they are both featured near the end of the "Pet Sounds" album.

One wolf will be named "Martha" after Paul McCartney's sheep dog. 

Another wolf will be named "David" or "Little David" after James Taylor's dog featured on the cover of his album "One Man Dog".

One lion will be named "Telemachus" after Carole King's cat featured on the cover of her album "Tapestry".

The other lion might be named "Firecat" after the Cat Stevens album "Teaser and the Firecat". I don't know what the lions look like yet. Hopefully they are yellow/orange so the name "Firecat" makes some sense. Although, I am hesitant to use this name because it may imply the lion has fire abilities and it doesn't. Unless I get the power pool "Enflame" power...

Edit - I found a picture of the lions. The name "Firecat" may work...and getting "Enflame" might not be a bad idea...


Any thoughts?


I don't have a lot of Mastermind experience. 

Thank you.


Global handle "Bojutsu"

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Sounds cool!  If you have fun with a concept, you can make pretty much anything work.  Besides the homages to the various bands' pets, what kind of look and origin are you going for?  Is your character going to be a rock star or something?  There's a rocket board that you can get from the P2W vendor that kind of looks like a hot rod surf board, which allows you to fly.  Since /sonic doesn't have any heals, you may want to consider the medicine power pool to compensate, and I like taking the leadership pool on my MMs.  Cheers!

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Hi biostem. Thanks for the response. Medicine and Leadership both sound like good ideas. 


The character probably won't look very detailed or flashy.

I will probably try to make him look something like 1966 Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. He is my favorite singer/songwriter/musician. Color scheme can be green and yellow, the color scheme for the album "Pet Sounds". 


His origin will either be Technology or Natural.

Natural - hawks, ravens, wolves and lions are all natural things unlike robots or undead, for example

Technology - the music and recording industry is full of technology


Whichever I choose will be okay. 

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I have a music related MM on redside Indom. His name is Rock Largo. Ninjas/TimeManip. My Ninjas are all named after famous rock guitarists. JImmy Page, Pete Townshend, Jack White, Slash, Santana, and Randy Rhoads is my Oni.


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  • Victory: reserved for future use
  • Indom: Schtick, Pummel Pete, Plymouth, Pilkington
  • Reunion: Ghost Legacy, 7s7e7v7e7n7, Mind Funk, Bluto
  • Excelsior: Phrendon Largo, Fred Bumbler, John van der Waals,Allamedia Jones, Tzapt, Sn1pe
  • Torchbearer: Phrendon Largo, Kenny Letter,  Bewm, La Merle, Enflambe', Rock Largo, Bulk of the Weather, Retired Phrendon
  • Everlasting: Phrendon Largo, Krown, Buzz Words, Bicycle Repairman, Dee Fender, Carmela Soprano, Radmental Boy, Beet Salad, Sporanghi,Sue Ahn Cuddy, Fukushima Technician, Snow Globe Girl, Thug Therapist, Apple Brown Betty
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There was a player on Torchbearer who used the names of Pink Floyd cuts for his characters (I sussed him out when I met "Your Possible Pasts"); I'm sure he wouldn't mind you using Seamus as the name of one of the (howling) canines. If you are having trouble coming up with names for the felines, there is always Kitty Purry.


My poor henchmen remain nameless, but I get a kick out of seeing what other players name theirs. I offer no real opinion except that for macro reasons you many want each of their names to start with a different letter.

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