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Pain Domination Damage Buffs - Corr vs. Def?


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So, I have a mashed potato brain when it comes to the finer mechanics of this game. On paper, Defenders get bigger numbers on the damage buffs (Share Pain is +31.25% and World of Pain is +25%) and, bigger numbers on Assault (I think that's like... 20%? I have no idea off t he top of my head).


By, I also know that Corruptors have higher damage SCALING than defenders do. So, despite having smaller damage buff NUMBERS they get more returns on the damage theyre actually DEALING due to their inherent background numbers (Scrouge not withstanding).


But, Defenders also have Vigilance, which is like... I think if you're solo that's a flat +30% damage?


So, what I'm kinda getting at is which of these two gets the most out of this set? Does World of Pain even benefit you? Ive fallen in love with this idea of a Pain/Sonic (or Sonic/Pain) toon where the "support" is more in the form of stupidly disproportionate DPS? Marrying +DAM with -RES into some kinda heinous, screaming bird, and I just dont know enough about how all these numbers interact to go forward with it.

Resident certified baby

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Normally, defenders all the way since they are the Kings & Queens of secondaries.  But thing about Pain was built for Redside & Corr in mind.  Sure you going get a bit higher on Defenders, but Defenders are 3rd lowest DPS on the board in regular numbers(before buffing).  Controllers/MM are 2nd & 1st(MM direct attacks, Pets are way higher).


But now factor in Scourge bonuses(While you may not notice it much on Miniosn or LTs, you'll see that in Bosses, EBs, AVs, Heros, & GMs).


I would say Corrupter, the power was built for them first in mind, before several issues down it got proliferated to Defenders & Controllers.

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If you’re wanting Sonic Blast too, my vote is Pain/Sonic Defender. Sonic debuff is also better on Defenders, and Sonic’s whole point is the debuff because its base damage sucks and it has no cool scourge leveraging tricks either. Scourge is just okay until you can really leverage it with DoT’s as in Fire/, Ice/, or perhaps Archery/. I think you have far more data points in the Defender’s favor with Pain Domination plus Sonic Blast.

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And my answer is "Hey look 1000 slots!  Wonder what I could build"


Then there's the whole solo issue.  Pain and Sonic Assault both want friends.  Ideally many friends to really benefit from them.


And yes World of Pain effects you as well as up to 255 ally's.  That's probably one very big reason why 1) solo isn't automatically an arrgggh compared to solo Empathy ... stuff often benefits you 2) it has debuffs which again Empathy totally lacks in its primary.  So in general solo isn't nearly as painful as it is for Empathy.

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