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Decided on /EA, unsure of primary


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So, I'm making a Corr, and decided on /EA (hoping to team). I'm unsure what primary to go with.


Dark seems like a good idea with the -to hit, but seems like poor damage.


Archery...mainly just for RoA (and I haven't played it since it first came out on Live). 


Ice because of Blizzard mainly. 


I thought about Seismic bc I haven't played it, but I'm not sure how well it will scourge.


 Input anyone?

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Electrical Affinity is a perfectly good support/healing set but it also tends to be a bit needly timewise since for your chains to leap you want to build static charges--so either you need to keep using EA powers or you need to drop Faraday Cage which will build them for you but that means needing to drop it whenever your group moves. 


I would suggest looking towards a primary set whose impact will lessen your need to have to toss out healing. Seismic is a good choice because it comes with two area knockdowns (well, one is technically a knock-up but foes end up on their butts is the important part) with timers short enough you can cycle them and keep a group on its collective butts. Or knock the group down, spread some healing. I was sold on Seismic back when it was on the test server when my mid-20s level character took out an entire group in Talos without any of them hitting me one due to the knockdown. 


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Perhaps electric?


Not just for thematics, but electric helps drain mobs faster.  Elec/Elec defenders are the 2nd best sappers in the game (Elec/Elec controllers topping them) so I'd think corruptors would do pretty well as well.

What this team needs is more Defenders

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