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Thursday Throwdown - 8v8 Arena PvP Event


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Thursday Throwdown Event Link



This ruleset attempts to revive the disruption style pvp that existed prior to i13. Although nothing can replicate the craziness that was pre i13 pvp we can try to reintroduce some of the aspects that made that era so great by limiting meta archetypes and builds thus encouraging more disruption and adding a shielder role to bring back pure buffing roles.


  • Ruleset focuses on bringing more Archetypes into the mix while keeping 8v8 core in modified i13 meta intact (3 ranged offense w/ 2 healers). This should allow for more balanced teams if people want to bring non-meta characters. 
  • Shielder role adds additional dimension forcing shielders to choose between shielding, attacking and evading. 
  • The ban on APP/PPP(with shielder mode activated) shields will allow for more damage to make up for the lack of damage from going from 6 ranged offense to 3 ranged offense.












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