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Arc 50769 - The Hunt of the Eclipse

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So, first off, I finally got around to creating an origin tale for one of my beloved Live characters, my first COV character "Daisy Chain".  


Annnd it has some bugs in the final mission.  It 'completes' when the boss is killed, BUT it contains three allies (the first you lead to the boss, and the other two appear as you're fighting him, they're supposed to be led to the exit.)   For some reason I can't chain Find First Ally - Defeat Boss - Defeat First Ally - Find Second and Third Allies & Rescue Them 




And yeah, aside from the above buggy behavior, I'd love feedback on the arc.  Thank you!   🙂 

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Without knowing how the objectives appear on your scripting screen, here’s my suggestion:

The first ally will need to be set to betray with a trigger associated with boss health (and I can’t recall if you can do that). The additional Allies should be set to spawn using the “Boss at X% health…” Unless any of them are not switched off as mandatory, they should spawn, and must then be completed. They should be escorts, however, or the ally rescue will signal mission completion. And, bad news, an rescued ally can be left behind without repercussion. An escort, however, cannot.

As far as the rest, based on your mish descr, above, it sounds like you want Allies 2/3 to spawn off the defeat of ally 1, which is not something you can do. 



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