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Suggestion: Titles for MLTF and LGTF


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This may not be something most notice or care about, but most of the TFs and trials have titles; that is, with two exceptions: Lady Grey's Task Force and Ms. Liberty's Task Force. The title of a TF pops up in the LFG menu and in the contact window when you check in to grab another mission. I know that most everybody (myself included) refers to TFs by contact and not by title; but it does irk me a bit when they nearly all have proper titles except for two. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the LFG window.

Like this:



So I'd like to suggest giving titles to the MLTF and LGTF (like the ones ITF and LRSF received). I brainstormed some titles to help with this process.

MLTF: The Spider's Web, Rogues' Gallery, Light in the Dark, In the Name of Liberty, Freedom's Triumph, Stopping Armageddon, or Absolute Power

LGTF: And Behold a White Horse, And Behold a Black Horse, Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand, For the Great Day of His Wrath Has Come, or There Were Sealed 144,000


For MLTF, I went with something related to Arachnos, the fact its a lineup of major AVs, freedom as a theme, or the Web's nature. LGTF is more straightforward with references to the Book of Revelation, so I looked for verses that could serve as titles.


For fun, here's a mockup of some potential titles in the LFG menu:



I think its worth giving these TFs a title, and I hope any of my suggested titles help out. I know this isn't a gamebreaking issue (and that Page 4 is readying for release) but I hope the devs seriously consider this for Page 5 or some other update. Thanks for reading!



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I would think that the Lady Grey one would derive its title from the main players of the TF, the horsemen. 

On a different note, while I do agree with your point that the 2 unnamed ones stand out like sore toes, I don't think people will notice nor utilise TF names. Would you run to join an LFG post saying "LFM for Soul of the Woodsman" instead of "2 spots for Numi TF"?

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