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Gull-managed "toggles/boosts" through other means?


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it is awesome that the Gull can allow people to switch the annoying powers "group-fly", "speed-boost", ... to not affect them.


However, when people forget to visit the Gull before starting a long TF/SF/OuroArc/... the Gull wont talk to them.


It would be awesome if we could find some way around that limitation...

- put that on/off switch in the options much like "prompt team teleport"...

- allow the power-switch options of Null even when in TF-mode (but not the alignment switching)... or give Null a sidekick/apprentice with only that part useable in TF-mode?

- give people a temp power on the temp bar to switch the effect off/on at will

- make the Gull switch an account-wide change instead of toon-only (or even in addition to toon-only), because usually these are a player preference, not specific to just 1-2 toons

- make a Gull switch where the owner of the power can make the group-fly a pet-fly-only (my MM has group fly because it boosts robot survivability drastically, can't say for other MM pets...)

- allow the Kinetics speed-boost power (and similar powers) as a single target buff or group buff depending on what people prefer... that way the Kin can choose to not buff the haters...


Unfortunately some people feel like it should not be their duty to go visit Null to deactivate stuff that annoys them, some people simply forget and then it's too late, the TF started already (and I can totally understand why a Superspeeder would not want to be Kinetics speed boosted in a Citadel TF). Which usually means the person who took the power, is being hated on for buffing the team (speed boost is awesome, imho).



I guess what I find really sad about all of this is: some Kinetics I talked to told me they respecced out of speed boost because they were too tired of the hate from pug-mates... some saying "we should not have to visit Gull, you should", "that power is [insert bad language here]", "f###, forgot to visit Gull, stop using that f### speed boost".

I personally must admit I never could really bring myself to play a Kin on Homecoming because I've seen some very foul reaction from pug-mates and it reminded me of Live server... and Null did not exist there. I always feel bad for those Kin... damned if you do, damned if you don't...

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From my understanding, the Null the Gull stuff was implemented the way it was due to time constraints and testing limitations involved in a proper UI.  That being said, they could do something similar to what they did with the P2W vendor in Pocket D, where she doesn't have the dialogue options like in other locations, thereby permitting you to interact w/ her even if you're in the midst of a TF/SF...

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In the past week, I've experienced more Group Flyers than I have since the game has been back.  Mostly MMs wanting their pets to fly - which is fine - they need this!  I would love to have this ability with my MMs, but I refuse to take Group Fly or Team Teleport as these choices SHOULDN'T have to make me/everyone else take ALL my/our characters to see null the Gull to turn it off. 


What needs to happen... and I know this is HUGE ask... but Group fly (and Team Teleport) should automatically be OFF for other players and only on for the character and their pets.  Everyone else should have to opt in.  




Give everyone the ability to turn on/off Group Fly (and Team Teleport) through our Options Menu.  That way we can do it on the fly as we encounter people with these annoying team powers.


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