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I need some Tank advice ???


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NoLimits is my Inv/SS tank.  He's slotted with lvl 53 SOs.  I want to be able to exemplar down and run TFs.  But i feel like i'm just getting my ass handed to me.  I also need help udating Mids.  Could someone please post a link, than you very much.  For now here is my build.


1) Resist Physical Damage (1) Dmg Res (3) Dmg Res (5) Dmg Res

1) Jab (1) Acc (34) Acc (34) Dmg (34) Dmg (36) Dmg (36) End Rdx

2) Temp Invulnerability (2) End Rdx (3) End Rdx (5) Dmg Res (9) Dmg Res (11) Dmg Res

4) Hover (4)

6) Fly (6)

8 ) Unyielding (8) End Rdx (9) End Rdx (11) Dmg Res (13) Dmg Res (13) Dmg Res

10) Taunt (10) Acc

12) Dull Pain (12) Heal (15) Heal (15) Heal (17) Rchg (17) Rchg 19) Rchg

14) Resist Elements (14) Dmg Res (25) Dmg Res (25) Dmg Res

16) Resist Energies (16) Dmg Res (27) Dmg Res (29) Dmg Res

18) Invincibility (18) Eng Rdx (19) End Rdx (21) Defense Buff (21) Defense Buff (23) Tohit (23) Tohit

20) Knockout Blow (20) Acc (31) Acc (33) Dmg (36) Dmg (37) Dmg (37) End Rdx

22) Punch (22) Acc (31) Acc (33) Dmg (37) Dmg (43) Dmg (46) End Rdx

24) Haymaker (24) Acc (31) Acc (33) Dmg (40) Dmg (46) Dmg (48) End Rdx

26) Tough Hide (26) Defense Buff (27) Defense Buff (29) Defense Buff

28) Rage (28) Rchg (48) Rchg (48) Rchg

30) Hasten (30) Rchg) 

32) Super Speed (32) End Rdx

35) Boxing (35)

38 ) Foot Stomp (38) Acc (39) Acc (39) Dmg (39) Dmg (40) Dmg (40) End Rdx

41) Tough (41) End Rdx (42) End Rdx (42) Dmg Res (42) Dmg Res (43) Dmg Res

44) Weave (44) End Rdx (45) End Rdx (45) Defense Buff (45) Defense Buff (46) Defense Buff

47) Conserve Power (47) Rchg

49) Laser Beam Eyes (49) Acc (50) Dmg (50) Dmg (50) Dmg


Remember this is with SOs.

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Depends on a few things.


The whole game is technically balanced around SOs, so your shouldn't be getting your butt kicked too hard unless you have the difficulty cranked.


Is there a reason you have both Fly and Super Speed?


You took fly and hover at very low levels, meaning you only have 1 attack if you ever exemplar below 15.


Are you willing to spend a lot on an IO build?


My current Inv/SS is a pretty good build, but with the recent changes to Inv my psi resist is probably higher than it needs to be, and I'm trying to fit in laser beam eyes for both concept and having a ranged attack reasons.  When I get to my computer later today (currently on my phone) I'll post both builds and you can see what you like and don't like.  But like I said, you'll have to be willing to spend a pretty penny to get there.


Inv/SS is a very popular combo.  Both because it can be very powerful and also it's the "classic hero" combination.  If you're impatient try doing some searches in the forum, you'll find lots of build.

What this team needs is more Defenders

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The rules for scaling down SOs as you exemplar can be a little tricky since it's not as simple as just being x% of what the original values are.  There are a few exceptions and limitations that apply.  I think Mid's can calculate your overall values based on exemplar level.  Check the maths settings dialog.  That would be easier.  There might be a few places you want to add extra SOs if you plan to do a lot of very low level (15-25) exemplaring but anything above that the scaling effect is pretty minimal. 


Here are the rules:



An interesting clause in those rules is the minimum bonus rule.  SOs of 20% or less won't scale down until you go below level 21.    Reason that's interesting is that your level 53 Resistance and Defense SOs are 23%.  If you'd left them as level 50 SOs they'd be 20% and immune to scaling down until you went below level 21.  Something to play with in Mid's though I never have myself.  I wonder if they account for some of these weird rules.


I'm with @Psyonico though, you want to rearrange some powers if exemplaring as low as 15 or 20 for the first few TFs/SFs is important to you.  Your resists will be scaled down a lot by that point so you might want to see about putting Boxing/Tough below 20.  Buy all the prestige attacks from P2W and use them when you're on those low level TFs.  Use Athletic/Ninja/Beast run and a temp jetpack for movement.  It's not great, but fast travel isn't nearly as important, especially if you're tanking for a TF, as your survival stats.

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