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Stronger looking Female Aesthetic and stance


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I love female superheroes but there are archetypes that I've always favored and that's the brawn beefy type your wonder woman, power girl (MY FAAAAV), she-hulk (not that bullcrap on Disney+😒) Zarda, the Power Princess, Anissa (Invincible series), and based on whoever was the artist at the time they would look strong aesthetically...and no...this isn't a fetish lol...It's just my preference on how some of my favorite female superheroes look.


I know there are certain things the homecoming devs can, and cannot do...I...understand it was a different time when COH was live, the devs didn't probably think about giving the female characters neutral stances like the males and went with the more dainty feminine pose, but I really wish we could have a more strong-looking female with a strong stance like my toon in the picture without using emotes or the walk stance. I would like to see a bare chest option like the males when under the tights, tights with skin, bikini, robes, sleeves robes, etc. to give that defined look, and here are some suggestions if this is possible:


Stronger-looking female Stance solution 1: give females the centered stance emote as a customizable option under a new category" Standing Stance" for which other stances may also be selected.

Stronger-looking female Stance solution 2: create a macro that will allow for a permanent standing stance when pressed

Stronger-looking female Aesthetic Solution 1:  Create a muscle definition option that shows muscular physique for arms, chest, abs, and thighs just like the bodysuit muscle matte and gloss for female characters when using tights, tights with skin, bikini, robes, and sleeves robes.

Stronger-looking female Aesthetic Solution 2: an arm body slider (if possible ) I know this might be afar-stretch for bigger arms and fuller shoulders for females. 

Stronger-looking female Aesthetic Solution 3: used the male aesthetic for females under the new category "Gender" ( I'm pretty sure this solution may not be the best option.... if it can cut down time and effect, but of course, I'm fully aware that there would be a customization issue as the wardrobe without clipping issues (don't flame me on this one guys just throwing ideas in the universe hoping it gets traction.)

if you have any ideas that could get our female character with this look please fill free to give me your insight I'm all ears.


City of Heroes Screenshot 2022.08.27 - (2).png

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Stronger looking Female Aesthetic and stance {Let's make this happen}


Superhuman Assault (Super Strength port for Dominators idea)


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