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Doors open?


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I've been running Tina MacIntyre's arc "The Instant Army" and I'm noticing that in the Clockwork Lab mission maps most of the interior doors are now open from the start of the mission.  I'm fairly certain most (if not all) of these doors were closed before.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is it an intentional change?

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I blame Fire Farms. 🙂


All kidding aside, last night I had like 4 or 5 tech doors that you clicked, didn't open but passed through.  I remember that occasionally happening back in the day so I don't think its  a bug but rather some lag thing.


Also fire farms 🙂

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These are the newer bio lab maps, such as you see in Lambda iTrial.  One example is P_TECH_BIO_30_LAYOUT_01_01 - I only had to open 2 doors to get to the end of that map.  Which was a boon.  But the 3 Vanguard NPCs went nuts chasing into side rooms that my memory says used to be behind closed doors that are now open.  It was the behavior of the NPCs and my having to rescue them that made me think "this is different".


I'm running through the arc again with a different toon to see if I get the open doors again.


P_Tech_30_Layout_03_01 - Only about half of the doors were open on this one; I had to open 3 to get to the end.


I may have just run the arc so many times that I stopped paying attention to the details.

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