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Mental Manipulation Question


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I started an Electrical Blast/ Mental Manipulation Blaster recently and just picked up the World of Confusion power...

If anyone else is using it, I am wondering if it gets better? It seemed like a cool idea for a power but at the moment, it rarely causes confusion and when it does, it seems to have a duration of 1 second. Enemies become confused, turn to look at other enemies as if they are going to attack, then snap out of it and attack me. So as best as I can tell, it basically serves just to delay their attack for 1 or 2 seconds.

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You need to have some Accuracy and Confuse duration slotted in it.  The downfall of WoC is that it will get only minions and they all have to be in melee range too.  So you have to be fine with having your blaster in melee range (i do!) and slotting the purple Contagious Confusion proc will help you get LTs - maybe Bosses too (can't remember) - but that proc can't be slotted until you're lvl 50.  


World of Confusion can be good but generally best left for taking in mid to late levels when you can devote slots to it.  I think most people skip the power altogether.  But since I like to play my blasters in melee range, Any little bit of damage mitigation that I can get is great!  

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This thread is probably better suited under the Blaster's AT subforum.


That said world of confusion works best when stacked with other sources of confusion like Artic Air from Ice Control. As @Frozen Burnstated the pbaoe range of the power would sort of work in better application with a melee based blaster, as the radius is 8 feet.


here's the CoD page: https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=blaster_support.mental_manipulation.world_of_confusion&at=blaster


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