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BUG : parkour stance not working with some powers


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Hi guys , I've looked at some previous posts about parkour stance but did not see the problem I want to share with you.
Here are 2 different malfunction I ve met while trying to experiment the parkour stance, a cool movement option that is unfortunately not working in many situations.

1) Parkour stance and shield
I was happy to test parkour stance with a shield character ...
No way. You do not benefit from any parkour move if you get a shield. The only way is to turn off all your shield powers, and then you can run with a parkour stance, otherwise its auto canceled by the fact you have a shield on.

It would be cool than selecting the "parkour stance" was really effective on your character even if he gets a shield power.



2) Parkour stance and dual weapon 
I use "parkour stance " on my  character :
He run with the arms moving with this new stance, cool.
But if I draw my swords while running, then suddenly my "parkour stance" turn into a "ninja stance". No more arms movement and the classical ninja stance with weapons in hand.  As a weapon character usually get them out, it implies that you can nearly never admire your parkour stance, and will see your toon in a sntandard ninja mode, wich render it useless to select parkour stance.

In order to really benefit from this stance, it should not be affected by any weapon in hand.

I know you've got a lot of work, but maybe one day this will be solved, for a more frequent appearance of this furious Parkour stance :) 
Thank you !

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