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  1. Thanks a lot for putting your attention on this set :) ! It is a very original set and I like the way it was designed (I have no problem with the sounds, they are very specific and franckly I like them). The main problem for this set is : - when you play it with tank / brute / scrapper (I keep stalkers aside because many stalkers using KM seem to say its ok in the various threads, so I will focus on the unhappy KM users who are mostly the other melee AT), you feel very often Under the other melee characters in term of damage dealt. - The attacks are very slow, but for a counterpart you dont really see. - The original mechanic of power syphon is excellent on the paper, but practically in game it does not give the boost you are hoping. Any solution that will improve either the damages OR the speed of attacks could bring a solution. This would be the simplest way of enhancing the set. But in my opinion the best thing to do would be to work on Power Syphon and find a way to make it more powerful. Either a longest duration, or another kind of bonus, like previously said on other threads. For example If power syphon improve your recharge, damage and reduce the casting time of your attacks a little after every succesful hit, that will simulate nicely the draining capacity of kinetics. For me it would be the perfect way to respect the philosophy of kinetic and at the same time enhance its power to make it competitive with other sets.
  2. Agree with Nemu :) @Qabal, Healing flame with 26% bonus recharge is … not a good choice. You want them bright, you want them warm, and you want them OFTEN ! Take care of your Healing flames if you want them to take care of you.
  3. Congratulation guys ! Thanks for the scrrenshots . Brute powaaa
  4. Hi Tristan, as you seem to want farming in AE but PVE as well, 4 status protection against KB seem quite weak. You've done a lot to improve your resistance to psionic but not concerning KB. As it is always shamous to be knock on your butt in front of your teamates when you are the tank I suggest to swap one of your impervium/+5% psionic for an additional anti kb proc. (12 resist is the standard, but you can try with 8.). This is a simple move without changing anything to your build :)
  5. Oh yeah ! Fix Kinetic Melee and that will be awesome :) Concerning your work omnibus, respec for the full job you did designing your new set. Big work, /em bow
  6. Paragon, the city where everything is possible !

  7. Hi heroes and villains ! Just found this post as I am having touble with KM as well :) Unaware of this thread I've created one here : Come on developers , it was good to look at Energy melee and give it some shiny boost …. But now its time to really think at Kinetic Melee ! HOPE 2021 WILL BE THE YEAR OF KM ! HURRAH !!!
  8. A mix of anger and sadness reading this thread. Rest in peace GM Cyclone, and thank you very much for what you did here, in the Community of heroes. I hope you are doing great in another dimension and wish the best for your family.
  9. If you are KM fan, maybe you would not be against some improvment to make this set a bit more competitive comparing to some other melee set. I have made a suggestion here if you want to add your strenght to the subject : https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/24710-save-our-kinetic-melee/
  10. Hello mighty Devs, I would like to drag your attention on Kinetic Melee. Personally on all my melee toons it is one of the weakiest and even if I really like this set for its originality, I must admit it is hard to decide "ok I am going to take my KM" … If this was an isolated behavior you could say its because of me, but I look around every day among melee characters and KM set is really rare, under represented. To be more precise about this, is it possible for you to have a statistic on the % of HOURS played by KM characters on the server ? I mean a measure of the amount of time. Because having created a KM character is one thing (X% of the players do have a KM character in their roaster), but playing it on a regular basis is another one (Melee players play KM Y % of the time spent in game). If this show that KM is really played a few as I think, then this is an additional argument to really look at this set and make it more attractive. For me the main weakness of kinetic melee is : it is really slow, too slow for the advantages you earn for that casting cost. What to do ? my suggestions : 1- improve "Power Siphon" , adding a cumulative reducer of casting time every time you attack while power syphon is active. That could be a nice mechanic illustrating the kinetic drain ? 2- improve the damage of some attacks in the set (the cone or AOE and the biggest single target attack should be boosted) ? Hope you'll get a look at it and the community will follow. I know that maybe some players will find the exception to my statement, proving that KM is strong and do not need any improvement, but once again be reasonable and just look at the statistics of how many players do play KM regularly and how many KM melee toons you encounter in a daily bases compared to other set that we all see everytime. I think on this we can agree and this is the most evident proof than this set is far away to be top ranked (otherwise people would choose it, period.) You have done a solid job to improve Energy melee, thats fine, using this experience please have a look on our Kinetic Melee :) Thank you !
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