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Make "Collect X" badges/event badges account wide?


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Why would NewGuy100 on my account, fresh and shiny and looking up the stairs in Atlas, have any progress on any of that just because GrizzledVet2 does? No, progress badges should remain per character.


Since we're no longer on live, I do think the anniversary badges would make sense finally, though.  Since you can *buy* them, they've lost any linkage to actual game time.

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Badges are a mark of 'X character has played Y content or gotten Z achievement.' They're character-specific for a reason, and the vast majority of them are pretty easy to earn (outside of the Anniversary badges or the ridiculously inflated Defeat badges, like Longbow or Rikti monkeys). Event badges are no different. 'This is how long I played [insert holiday event here] on X character.'


If they were spread account-wide there'd be no point to running the content more than once, which defeats the purpose of it being reoccurring content in an MMO. It comes back around again precisely because people have a year to make new characters who haven't done those things. Besides, aside from having a main 'This one gets all the badges' character or the one specific character who'd actually use a specific badge title... having event badges be account-wide is not going to do anything for the vast majority of someone's character roster. Well, aside from the aforementioned 'give them one less reason not to run event content on alts' because they've already got half of the rewards. Mostly the titles would just sit there and be ignored, as are most badges on alts where the player doesn't care about them/never uses them.

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