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Use on the same defeated ally? Leadership: Vengeance + Tactical Training: Vengeance

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Title is the question - can I use both Leadership: Vengeance and Tactical Training: Vengeance on the same defeated ally?


Furthermore, if I cannot do so - can I use one on a defeated ally and another on another defeated ally (so two dead teammates total) and receive the buff from both?


I looked at the two powers in City of Data and I can't easily discern whether the tags imply that those two powers can't stack from the same ally target.


Tactical Training: Vengeance

Leadership: Vengeance



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perma 100 def is a thing. not as useful as it sounds though widows are pretty amazing how they can be a jack of all or uber specialized.

@Bill Z Bubba could probably come close to making a claws/super reflexes on one with more bells and whistles but no crits. The global toxic ATO proc is nice.


tip: Hasten on auto tells the player about when to Veng up. Otherwise it's kill kill kill.

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