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Beware: DEVIL BAT!


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In between working on AE stuff, I decided to roll up this character, because...well, you'll see.


Experiments in Devil-Batting


So, i was creating characters for an AE arc. Basically a group of super heroes and vills from alternative timelines/Earths. Had this weird amalgam of Batman, Daredevil, and Moon Knight, who was nemesis of “Lex Fisk.” Decided I liked his costume, so I chose to run him, using the following parameters:


  • Base Powersets: Street Justice/Ninjutsu (though I plan to flesh him out with pool powers; throwing stars woulda been nice, but Devil Bat is no stinkin’ blaster! [yet?])
  • Normal contacts (Tech and Natural only [unless dead ended]).
  • Theme powers (with more of a dependence/focus on Pool powers that fit)
  • Store-bought enhancements. No IOs.
  • Can trade merits for cash to buy gadgets/devises (Taser, Grenades and so forth).
  • Use “normal” transportation (though I did get himn Athletic run, jump pack, and will buy flight packs, as well, because he’s a gadget guy; and he has a “small base” [see below]).


Let’s start with pics, and bio:
Beware, evil-doers. I am the dusk!


BIO: Bruce Murdoch, blind since birth. Orphaned when his parents were slain in a senseless robbery. Taken in by the enigmatic, homless tech genius, Tony Stick, he learned to turn his other senses into a lethal weapon. Now, after many years of training, and beget Stick’s small lab when the old man passed, he emerges as Paragon’s newest hero (or maybe vigilante - he can’t decide). By day, he devotes himself to paralegal duties for the struggling law firm, Pennyworth and Wayne. By night, he is the avenging angel of the moon, from which he is certain he draws his power. (There. That's muddled, yet obvious enough, isn't it?)


Since he has a “small lab,” I decided to give him a...small lab, with one portal to 3-4 zones. He’ll likely not need much storage. Will put in an empowerment station and likely a mediporter. Toying with the idea that, when he faceplants, he has to return to base (thanks to that special device he has secreted…somewhere in his colon, I assume).


So, with that in mind, here’s Bruce’s journey:


Devil Bat, Year...er, Day 1: 

Bruce is born! Er, or rather emerges in Atlas Park, where he hits up Rick Davies and takes on some clocks. After 2 missions I realize he has no base (even though I SAID he had a base [a small one...a lab, actually]).


So, he’s got to have a base (a small one; rinky-dinkish).


I am therefore off to register myself as a Super Group! (I’ll develop the alternate personalities to flesh the roster later).



Why quibble with titles? There’s only me. I am Omni-f'in BAT! (devil)


I start work on the base. Gonna be a quick one. I can’t spend too much time on this, anyway. I have to script AE mishes in my alternate guise as a normal human being close to retirement age (which is, really, trying not to do much that’s actually fruitful or productive).


BASE CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE! Well, that was quick. Empowerment station. Single TP to Atlas, Talos, IP and PI (like Ouro). Mission computer (‘cuz BAT!). Power generator. Mediporter with first aid kit and monitoring equipment. One salvage rack. The DC CAVE IS COMPLETE! BEWARE EVIL DOERS! (after a quick break to go fold clothes I forgot were in the dryer).:-)




(to be continued)


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