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"Badge Walkthrough" - What is your general approach when starting from scratch?


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Hi all,


After playing CoH for almost 3 years now, I decided to finally fully commit to the art of badging, starting the journey with a fresh character (great excuse to make an alt am I right 😉). 


The initial thought of tracking every badge and perhaps making some kind of plan for the approach got me curious if there is sort of an optimal/efficient  way to go about it.


So my question is, how do you folks approach badging (starting from lvl  1)? Do you have a general guideline you follow or do you just go with the flow?


I look forward to read your stories!




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Before I started, I set up a spreadsheet with just two categories.

1)  All the Ouroboros challenge badges with the level range and requirements.

2)  A listing of every zone with one or more exploration badge.


Then I just played the game for a while (over a year).  I enjoy task forces and iTrials and the Everlasting TFs channel does Master runs regularly so I got tons of badges that way.  Any time I didn't feel like teaming, I'd get all the badges and plaques in a zone or two.


Once I got past 1500 badges, then I actually sat down with a listing and took note of all the ones I was missing.  This was a while ago, so it wasn't too many (there are 1596 currently and I have all of them).  I noted the badge name and requirements in my spreadsheet and worked my way through the ones I was missing.

Most fell in one of the following groups:

- fifth/sixth in each set for damage dealt, damage taken, time held, influence earned, etc.

- Arena badges

- Architect Entertainment badges

- ski run badges

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Originally on Infinity.  I have Ironblade on every shard.  -  My only AE arc:  The Origin of Mark IV  (ID 48002)

Link to the story of Toggle Man, since I keep having to track down my original post.

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