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Objects are moving on the Z axis after leaving base


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I've never had this happen before - I've built a room very near the bottom of the bottom of the map, and every time I log out, some (but not all) objects in one of my rooms have moved slightly along the Z axis. Only certain objects seem to throw problems, and only some of the time. Usually objects that were stacked on top of something else.


Is the problem that I'm building too low on the map? Should I be building closer to the actual base rooms? I've tried grid vs no grid, but with no luck. Are there anyways to fix this problem, or at least make sure it breaks reliably? 

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Location, actually, -is- an issue. We've been calling that base shift, and it gets worse the farther you are from the base itself. So, it's worst at the bottom of the map. Some bases, for some odd reason, are worse than others, and some locations in a base will give you problems that other locations, again, for unknown reasons, will not.


The problem will likely get much better if you move closer to the base plot, or even actually on or IN the base itself.



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I'm seeing lots of Z-creep issues on the TOP of the map as well. I'm working on an asteroid base that's sitting far above the map, and nearly every time I log back in, something has wiggled out of place. I especially see it when I'm adjusting the height of objects with the grid turned off, although just this morning I had some crates sitting on the 1/4 grid that had jumped up a teeensy bit and were now intersecting the balcony floor tiles sitting on top of them.


Odd new behavior. 🤪

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