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  1. Big thanks, Bob! Herostats was a staple back on Live, and even with the extra numbers added, it's a great add-on. :)
  2. Everything works great on my PC laptop when running on my wi-fi network at home, or at Starbucks, or off my phone when I have it set up as a personal hotspot. But I've found some open networks (like in a hotel) will freak out. I can log in, select a server, select a character, but the game hangs after character selection and eventually returns me back to login. Any ideas? Is there something I can adjust on my laptop to compensate for what I'm running into with some of these networks? Or is it solely on the network's side, and am I out of luck?
  3. @klokwerkaos Congratulations on being an asshat to a total stranger in TWO different systems. :) It's pretty obvious that you DIDN'T really read my entire question -- you just jumped in, spouted off briefly, and then moved on to your own stuff. I mentioned using the controls right there in my text, so it's obvious I've read the stickies and understand. You just skipped over that part. I was asking specifically about alignment best practices and asset selection to get me to where I was trying to go... which you either missed, or simply ignored. Which honestly, is cool. You're not obligated to answer my question. But how about just skipping past next time and not spending time being a jerk to someone who's honestly just asking for help? @Raevyn_Darke I appreciate your help. :) I'm just trying to build a platform upon which to place my SG table, so yeah, making sure it's the right height so folks don't have to jump up to get to it, is (hopefully) my plan. I've been using tech containers (the bigger ones) for this purpose on a smaller scale (and then turning off clipping and sinking them into the ground), but trying to create something bigger is leaving me wondering what assets to use to get there. Hence the "filling in the sides", i.e. if I use a floor tile, then it's essentially 2-dimensional, so that space between the tile's edge and the floor needs to be covered, otherwise it's just floating there in space. :)
  4. Hi all, Tried asking this on Discord and just got blown off, so I thought I'd try here. I think I've got the basics down of placing stuff, but as I'm trying to grow into item clipping and building up and outside, I'm just trying to get my head around some next steps. So can someone walk me through the right way to just build a platform? And what I mean by a platform is like a stage or dais -- a raised area of the floor that you can place stuff on, that's solid, and that isn't so high that it needs a stair, i.e. you can just walk right onto it. So it isn't a different level of floor (high vs. middle, vs. low). Like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/gf3cplwkdbcngko/platform.jpg?dl=0 So you can take a Floor surface, drop it on the floor, then use Shift to raise it up in the air, right? But how do you fill in the sides so it's solid? And can you change the surface texture? I couldn't find any placeable versions of the Room Style floor textures, so can it be changed? Baby steps, I figure LOL. :)
  5. I'm trying to recreate the look you see in Pocket D, where you can either see through the glass floor to open sky, or even just open areas of sky in the ground. There doesn't seem to be any sky textures to apply to the floors, and the "Open Sky" style option only applies to ceilings. Any ideas on how to create this? :)
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