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Need Help with my Stone / Energy Melee Build


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hey guys i need some help with this build. i need some balance and don't seem to be able to figure it out.

my Defenses that i have are way over kill and same with most my Resists. i have tried a few different ways and just seems like i am wasting a lot of Defense and Resist stats on something and avoiding it on other things 





Tank - Stone - Energy Melee.mxd

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The build seems fine. It is built as a Tanker with attention to defenses and less so to damage. You won't go wrong using it but it is really overkill for 95% of the content and the other 5% will require having buffers in the team anyway.


So its looking mighty solid. If your intent is to focus on tanking then you got this 👍


Some small changes would be swapping the slotting of Physical Perfection and Stamina since Stamina gets more out of it. You can also consider Barrier for those Oshi-... moments which adds another 5% to your defense and resistance values. That could let you move some things around such as adding more slots to Build-up, etc. If you're not playing incarnate content then turn Weave off.




This is a different take. Focusing on damage and then pump defenses to reach the minimums (add 5% from Barrier. If the content is not hard enough to require barrier then the extra 5% aren't needed anyway). Maybe some slotting ideas will be of use:





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