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Create a Resource Link for Small Creators to Upload Custom Designs/Content for Possible Game Additions

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I was thinking about how improvements to the game could be made, and realizing the problem for why the game cannot receive large/significant updates is really the scale of the team HC is working with and how small their development division likely is. I've seen numerous posts of people who are willing to work with the game's designated game language, and would like the opportunity to actually create functioning work pieces or at least give a strong template for the devs to actually work with and get some work done. They could potentially upload such projects and VFX files onto a site for technical audit and general discretion for general use. 

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There's already a thread on how to become a developer, here.  I'd be wary about going the route of soliciting people to create stuff for the game and just sort of "dropping it off".  If you're a creative, and want to contribute to the game, the link I provided has got what you need...

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