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Puppetry : MM Powerset Suggestion

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Just for fun of it.

Tier 1 : String Pull/Lash : You pull opponent into melee range then violently spin them, knocking them down.
Ranged, Moderate DMG (Smash) Pull, Micro-hold, Knockdown
(You can also use this power on your puppets in order to generate some repelling force)

Tier 2 : Summon Puppets : You pull your dolls/skeletons/mannequins/clowns/, etc out of nowhere to wack enemy.

Basic Powers : Brawl, Hurl Puppet ( Basically ranged attack that hurls random puppet at the enemy, may inflict knockdown)

Max 3 Puppets

Tier 3 : Stringtrap : You place strings all over the place that acts like caltrops, when enemy takes some damage, one string will briefly become visible.
(Your puppets may use these strings as a platform or simply to fly. Purely visual)

Tier 4 : Fortify the Puppet (Toggle), You place extra strings onto your chosen puppet, making them extra resilient. (Absorb) If protection is broken, enemies will become temporarily immobilized. (short duration)

Tier 5 : Puppetification : You try to hijack opponent's body, Temporarily taking control over them.
Basically just single target confuse power but toggle. And since it is toggle only minions or liutenants are affected. Also upgrade powers will work on them. You can also heal them.

Tier 6 : String Feedback : You place lighter strings on your chosen puppet in order to control them better (or worse).
Toggle : Speed Buff, Recharge Reduction, Defense Buff.

Tier 7 : Mimicry : You summon puppet that looks like yourself (or not, but it will be humanoid puppet anyway)
Mimicry will mimic your attack order (Primary Powers only expect for summoning powers)

If Mimicry dies, it explodes into confetti, stunning the enemies.

Tier 8 : Placeholder Ranged Puppet Power : You summon ranged puppets that spit poison darts, they are small and nimble.
Poison Darts (Minor Lethal Damage, Moderate Toxic Damage over Time.)

Tier 9 : Puppetmaster : You are master of puppets, you grant your puppets some extra abilities if you active this power.

Summon Puppets : 2 Max Puppets, Your puppets now explode in death.
Mimicry : Combat Teleport (with some kind of defensive buff maybe)
Placeholder Ranged Puppet Power : Acid Dart ( Minor Lethal Damage, Moderate Toxic/Fire Damage over Time, -Res)

Also customization options are technically endless. From normal wooden dolls to creepy looking dolls to skeletons, statues, spiders, clowns, etc, you name it.

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41 minutes ago, Darkneblade said:

Fortify the Puppet (Toggle),

I don't expect this to ever happen to for any MMs. (The toggle part). There are threads about this where you can read up on it if you wish.


Interesting idea though.

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Edited to remove "y" from "ever".
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12 minutes ago, Rudra said:

I don't expect this to every happen to for any MMs. (The toggle part). There are threads about this where you can read up on it if you wish.


Interesting idea though.

Toggle upgrades are single target only, expect for last power which is clicky that behaves similar to MM upgrades powers.

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