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Just now, Spectre7878 said:

Any thoughts on increasing poison radius.

This has been requested many times.  I would like to see its utility/effectiveness raised in a team/large enemy group environment.  That being said, it also has some of the most potent effects, so would those have to be lowered to account for a greater radius?

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13 hours ago, Spectre7878 said:

It’s just so small that it only hits one foe. 

Obviously you're talking about Envenom and Weaken (the other AoEs in Poison have fairly large radii). First, you can absolutely hit more than one foe with an 8-foot radius AoE. Secondly, these powers have durations of 30 seconds and base recharges of 12 and 16 seconds respectively. With recharge slotted it's quite easy to use these powers every 6-8 seconds and cover an entire spawn. Thirdly, the -regen in Envenom stacks with itself and with recharge it's possible to maintain 4+ stacks.


If the radii of these powers were to be increased, the recharge would have to be increased significantly as well. The functionality of these powers would have to be completely rebalanced.

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I think an easy change to make Poison unique and powerful is to take some the changes that made Trick Arrow so powerful.


Unresistable debuffs. Imagine if a small portion of the -resist was unresistable. Or any of the other debuffs.


Obviously, making the whole debuff unresistable or stacking would be massively OP. But maybe 10-15%?


That would be very helpful taking down mobs that pop T9s.

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