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The Meta-Human Wrestling Association (Parts 1 and 2)

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The Meta-Human Wrestling Association (Part 1)

Arc ID: 44683


Hey chump, think you got what it takes to tussle with the best of the best? The MHWA is looking for up and coming supers that want a shot at the reigning champ! No jabronis here. You'll only be wrestling with the A-Listers, the Ring Vets, the cream of the crop. If guts, glory, and fame are calling your name, then sign up today!


Author's Note: This arc is designed to be a formidable challenge for level 50 toons. It will test every aspect of your kit, so bringing friends or insps is recommended (or a very strong solo toon).


The Meta-Human Wrestling Association Part 2: We Need Ratings!

Arc ID: 48577


(This takes place a few months after the events of Part 1)

Welcome back, champ! You've been enjoying a lengthy title reign at the top of the MHWA! While this has been phenomenal for your resume, it's been tanking the ratings of the show. The fans want fresh content, so we pulled out all the stops and hired you a new manager that's sure to pump up the heat. Can you outlast all of the challenges laid before you?


Author's Note: Part 2 ramps up the difficulty sharply to test those who successfully completed Part 1. I am actively trying to kill you. Expect tons of shenanigans.




For anyone that tries my arcs, thanks a bunch! I had to re-balance these until my SR/DM Tank couldn't live without breaking a sweat at +4x8, if that gives you an idea of the difficulty. Any comments are welcome.

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Challenge Accepted!


Challenge Complete!


No spolier review


I ran this on My Main Tank original Inv/SS he is vet lvl 36 incarnate so you have an idea of the character played. I am a fan of the old WWF and still enjoy some of the current stuff. That said I got ready to start first things first I opened up my music to wrestle by old WWF/E music and went to town.

 The mood is set from the begining as a fan I began reading this just like If Mean Gene and Gorilla Monsoon were announcers. Each mission builds on the flavor of the last until you get to the Main Event the toons are balanced and IMO well thought out. I had to actually hit unstoppable which I rarly use so these two arc's delivered in  both fun and creativeness. I give  it 5 star and a great shout out to Spaghetti Betty great job. I only have one other thing to say...



What Ya Gonna Do When American Valor Runs Wild On YOU!


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