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Ouro badging 15-19


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I did the breakout prisoners Redside for the first run.  No travel power.  But I want to avoid kill alls (esp of LB) for the unenhanced run.  On a Dark Tank....


I switched to Blue and did the suggested Yin, but that is now in 20-24 badge range.  


Any suggestions for a 15-19 that does not have kill alls in it?

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Lot of ideas folks thanks lol. 


I ended up taking Operative Wellman's other short Arc. "Master of Destruction"  This still had one kill all.  But the Wyvern are easier than Longbow.  Also, that map is 25% smaller.  (cargo ship 3 section wyvern, vs 4 for LB)  


The destroy materials hunt is always a bit of a pain.  But as a Dark Tank semi stealthed it was cake until I could not find the last forklift.  But, as always, you find it. I think i will stick with this arc for my last two runs in the section.  I did it with no enhancers just now.  But i think it is just easier than Wellman's other arc.

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