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Storm Blast is kinda seizurific

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So I have seizures, with photosensitivity triggers. I am completely aware that there is an inherent risk in playing video games with my condition.

This is just to bring awareness that the combination of power effects in the new Storm Blast sets can be visually overwhelming (especially, as I found out last night, when fighting Freakshow... ). It's not so bad when I can zoom out from the action, but turn the wrong way next to a wall and you're practically in first person perspective with no way out.

I understand there's likely no easy fix for this. Each of the powers look wonderful on its own, and I wouldn't want anyone else's game experience limited because of my health issues. However, if such things could be kept in mind during future development, it would be appreciated.

I can think of two optimal solutions, though I don't imagine either would be easy to implement.

First would be to implement a Power Effects Customization to allow for Minimal Effects on such powers, but to do so in a way that alters everyone's powers, not just your own, but only does so client side, like a mod. That way, nobody else's game experience would have to be impaired, but folks like me could shut down problematic visuals, reducing them to the bare minimum to know what's happening.

Second, would be an option to disable most power effect of other players (again, client side, so it doesn't mess with anyone else). This is a little more "scorched earth" but might be simpler for end users to implement than dealing with individual power effect customizations. Maybe a Null the Gull type of option.

Again, I get it. There's no easy or perfect fix. And I'm not going to set aside a game that's been a part of my life for almost two decades just because I can't safely play alongside some characters. But you folks managed to improve the situation with that Archery Support power that was similar. Maybe it's not impossible to improve this as well.

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There is a slash command to turn off or on the particle effects. It would take away the effects that would trigger you, but only affect you and your display, leaving everyone else to deal with the effects themselves. Can't remember it off the top of my head though. Sorry.

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Its /noparticles 1

To turn them off


/noparticles 0

Turns them back on


I dont know how much of storm blast this would reduce,  but in my experience with other power sets,  it should be a significant reduction.


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