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Team-up power/nuke - Could be a future incarnate power.

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I'd like to see a Team-up power/nuke. An upgraded version of the Judgement slot with a super-long cooldown and dependent on having at least 4 other teammates.  Basically have a player activate it, then the teammates have 5 seconds to hit theirs and then it fires off if there is at least 5 total players that activated it in time.



There could be a generic version for a mixed team

If 5 of the players are the core hero AT's (tank,scrapper,blaster,def,troller) then a special "heroic" themed team-up power fires off instead

If 5 of the players are the core villain AT's (Brute,stalker,MM, corr,dom) then a special "villain" themed  team-up power fires off instead

There could be higher tier versions, maybe have a special one if a team includes the 5 core AT's along with either a sentinel and warshade/PB or sentinal and a widow/crab.


Or even ones that trigger for having 5 of one AT


For instance, if 5 brutes all activate it, maybe a quick cutscene activates showing each brute punching and then have the nuke go off.


Since we know that cutscenes could be created, maybe do a FAST cutscene quickly showing each character and then the power activates.


This could be an incarnate slot, with the different tiers unlocking different team-ups.

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One of the reasons things like the Cavern of Transcendence no longer requires players to coordinate clicking is because we seem to really suck at coordinating clicking. Using the Cavern of Transcendence as the example, when one person clicked a stone, whatever they were called because right now I can't remember, then you had a few seconds for everyone else to click theirs too. And most of the time, the clicks would be so sporadically done that as soon as the timer window everyone got when the first stone was clicked finished timing down, a new one started because everyone was just clicking and not staying within that window. Even on some of the standard missions that only had 2 or 3 glowies to click at the same time, coordinating would routinely fall apart. So with that in mind, I'm really not a fan of the OP.

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Eh. Sounds a little too gimmicky, honestly.


Besides, it locks out anyone running on smaller teams. And, quite honestly, there aren't really "core hero" or "core villain" ATs any more with everything available everywhere - I'd hate to have my (say) heroic mastermind who's done nothing but try to help the city, save people, feed homeless puppies and catgirls, etc. be forced into a "villainous" anything because they're a mastermind.

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