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  1. a little. melt armor - fireball, pyronic judgement, ET, total focus/bonesmasher and never dying from overload being up. I had 10k hours on nrg/nrg on live. This thing blasts through team content
  2. My main on live was energy/energy and I went with a different kind of build. I've had all of the epic/patrons over the years. This one is a beast. But keep in mind I only use it for high level content. I know how to time the overload crash so my toggles don't drop. Note, this is not a tank, i'm basically using it for speed runs and burning down AV's in a team setting. When overload is down, i can pop demonic and barrier until it's up again, which isn't very long. I mostly use it for teaming and speed tf/trials. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1471&c=667&a=1334&f=HEX&
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