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1 hour ago, smnolimits43 said:

It just feels like i do more damage with my energy blaster.

Sentinels trade some damage output for better survivability.  On top of the higher base damage, pretty much every blaster attack grants them a further short-term damage buff.  Lastly, enemies generally have lower energy damage resist than lethal...

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14 hours ago, smnolimits43 said:

i took all the attacks so far.  I'm level 29, maybe 30.  I realize i dont have anything slotted yet.  It just feels like i do more damage with my energy blaster.

OF COURSE Blasters do more damage. Damage output is 100% of what they bring to the table. They're also glass cannons. You're not going to get extra survivability without sacrificing damage output. Sentinels are not and were never meant to be "tank mages".


Also, yes, unslotted is also skewing your impression. Slot your powers, geez.


Granted, DP is not the most damaging "blast" set, but it's still a decent set.

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Sentinels are Stalkers who trade Crits and Assassin's Strike for larger AoE range/shaped but not bigger target counts.


When well built they're incredibly durable and do decent damage. They're particularly good at taking out one enemy through using their Opportunity button to weaken their target. Especially bosses which melt when the team is all also hitting the same target.


Their big "Claim to Fame" is throwing off their T9 blast power every 30 seconds or so once thoroughly slotted for recharge. For DP that means doing the gundance every pack.

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