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Expensive and meh Dark Dark build


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I have been running a lot of Blasters lately and am building them quite different. Slamming in a lot of Winters and Purples.


This Dark Dark has three "main" strategies.

1) The Point Blank Nuke.  Just stealth in Aim+Nuke if a hard spawn. Aim+Soul Drain+Nuke if can get away with it.  While there got a couple other PBAoE but thats the main damage.  Of course in Incarnate content have the Void PBAoE Judgement.

2) Cones baby. 4 Cones give a non stop flow of love to those I dislike.  Once the spawn is broken down rotate into ST.

3) Single Target A) Gloom, Moonbeam, Abyssal Gaze, and Life Drain provide a hard hitting ST chain B) Victoria Robot mode.  Damn bitches.  You just gotta hold some people tight. Abyssal Gaze, Soul Storm, these are the main workers.  Penumbral grasp (with hold proc) and Arcane Bolt (with hold proc) may help. Keep her held afeather in Moonbeam etc to lash into bring the pain mode.


The build is resistant to a lot of status effects thanks to the purples and winters.  Rune of protection can be popped in a heavy fight for more safety. Has 23-31% defenses in Ranged Aoe Neg Energy Fire Cold. A med purple brings you into safety. Has stealth and of great significance Phase Shift.  This vampire knows many high end enemies see through stealth. But they cannot touch you in the land of Darkness!  This allows me to get to where I need to be safely and start working.  


Not the greatest Blaster I have made in many ways. But it has a LOT of odd tools and is very effective at DPS.  Not like a no defense Fire Fire Blaster.  But what is? But Dark Dark is my thing and this Blaster looks to be my main after so many expeditions looking at other ATs.  


So...my oddball build:

View This Build In MRB

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Glad you found something that works Snarky. I'm with you after maining masterminds and controllers for so long, I picked up blasters here on homecoming and have been pleasantly surprised to the point that they are now the preferred AT for me to play. I haven't done much with dark on blasters, but interested in reading on your build. Thank you.

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Gather the Shadows: A Dark Miasma Primer for Masterminds

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I am really enjoying my Dark/Ninja blaster so far, least squishy blaster I've played. Are you still maining Dark/Dark Snarky, or did you eventually switch to Dark/Temp...?

I really wanted stealth (HATE soloing without it!), so it was Devices or Ninjitsu, and Ninj fit the theme for my Darkfriend much better :). Of course, now I realise I could have gotten better stealth just from concealment, rather than Shinobi+Freebird stealth slotted in mystic flight, eh. But Shinobi brings other benefits, and perma-Kuji-In Toh is a really nice fire & forget perma-buff. Just don't see much other utility from Ninj, possibly Golden Dragonfly will pair well with Blackstar for a 1-2 massive PBAoE following Umbral Torrent/TT (with Sudden Acceleration:KB to KD slotted of course). Blinding Powder at Mag 3 sleep/confuse looks pretty sweet too, to add into the mix, albeit short-ranged. Umbral is prob the standout power in DB - with perma-hasten, some innate recharge and a bit of global recharge from the likes of LotG, I should be able to knock em down before they've even gotten up again!

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Game over man, game over!

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