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Time/Storm Blast


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I'm still getting used to Storm slotting, but I have a few Time characters. At a first glance the build is going to do everything you want it to, but poking around a bit you could do a bit of optimizing.


Right now you have perma Hasten. Chrono Shift is about ~7 secs off of perma. If you're relying on FF +rech procs then that will cover those last few seconds. However, if you want to smooth it out you could dedicate another slot to it for rech. I'm mentioning this because CS is helping your rech and end recovery. The +rech lasts the whole 90 secs, but the heal and rec buffs only last 30 secs of the duration. If you toggle off Chrono then your net end recovery is about 1.6. Basically you may have end problems 1/3 of the time, but sticking another endmod/rech in it will boost the end recovery for those 30 secs as well. Conserve Power isn't perma either but alternating it with CS should manage your end. This suggestion is just to be aware of these interactions.


Toggling on Power Boost is skewing your accuracy a bit. PB only lasts for a few abilities, though. Against +4's your accuracy is a bit low. Jet Stream, Hailstones, Time Stop, Cloudburst, and Slowed Response have low accuracy varying from ~67% to ~85%. Especially dedicate some slots to Slowed Response, since as a Time Def this is a valuable debuff, and the -def could cover your other low acc.


Time Stop is a take it or leave it power. The -regen is very low, but proccing out the power is a good move and makes it more valuable to use in an attack chain. If you cannibalize anything for slots I'd take them from here first, though. You could potentially even switch this power with a 4 slotted Time's Juncture. It will allow you to dedicate more time to blasting with Storm instead, and I believe spamming Storm powers is how to get the most benefit from the set.


Chain Lightning doesn't do well with procs. If your intention is to mainly proc against the first target, that'll work. But subsequent targets in the chain have a very low proc rate.


You dedicate a lot of slots to Tough and Weave. If you don't intend to toggle them on, or to only do so in certain circumstances, you can remove some slots. You could effectively remove 2-4 slots from them for other set bonuses. Adding some +to hit slotting to Farsight could help accuracy overall, for instance. Also maybe a Kismet +acc in Hover?


This is mainly just to get you thinking about toggling on and off powers and look at power interactions in more detail.

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On 5/24/2023 at 7:50 AM, Pigfighter said:

Here is my attempt at a Time/Storm Blast Defender.  I had zero luck getting any procs to work in Storm Cell or Cat 5.  I know its a bit over the top of defense with PBU but I usually forget to fire it off before I hit farsight.  Any help/advice would be appreciated.  


Stormbringer - Defender (Time Manipulation - Storm Blast).mbd 42.79 kB · 9 downloads


Storm Cell and Cat 5 are not really meant to take procs--they themselves proc extra effects by nature of you using your storm blast powers while enemies are inside of them. In essence, their very nature causes them to behave as if procs are slotted in them.


Beyond that, I'm not really a builder, so I can't help there. Just wanted to clarify that bit about Cell and Cat 5.



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