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Sentinel - Dual Pistols issue (suppressive fire)


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 Hi - I think the damage for Suppressive fire is wrong for the Sentinel when using Standard Ammo - it only does 6.67 damage when the other damage types do 212.09 (apart from Chemical - which does 109.38 damage). I am sure that this is something wrong with the power itself - rather than anything to do with my individual characters - Is this something that is known will be rectified soon? Many Thanks


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Thanks to all for the reply's


I actually like using standard ammo from time to time - I like the knockdown effect from it.

I understand that it might not be the best min/max option but I play more for fun than anything.


The thing is - I don't see this with any of the other Dual Pistol powers - where Standard ammo still does comparative damage to the rest (albeit on a more commonly resisted damage type)


I agree it is a strange choice - but I guess I'll have to live with it

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I'll second my disappointment here.  I hadn't played DP in a while and remembered there being some patches, so when I picked it up at level 6 on my sent and realized the mob wasn't hurt by it, I looked, and it's doing something like 1.62 damage. Then I wasted like half an hour trying to find the patch notes, which didn't say anything about basically eliminating it's damage when not using swap ammo. So then I had to look for the bug report. So I essentially have a wasted power slot until I get swap ammo or respect at level 10.  It's a drag getting 4 levels in with only 2 attacks.  It's fine if they want to encourage using ammo, but this power is available before swap ammo is, so there's zero reason to have it doing no damage at all and then suddenly doing the extreme damage it's meant to after you get swap ammo.  Honestly, it looks like someone stuck the damage scale number in where the actual damage is supposed to go.  If they're going to handle this one particular power in such a ridiculous way on purpose, it's description when picking it should clearly state it will do almost no damage until you also pick up swap ammo.  (also just realized the patch note says "Standard ammo - No change from live.  Cooldown still 20s".  Clearly, there was a definite change from live, cool down wasnt changed, but damage scale was altered to like .01)

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Reread patch notes
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Trying to guess at motives here, but I guess the goal was to encourage taking the swap ammo power more?  I didn't know that was even a concern.  How many people actually skipped it?  


IMO the better way to have gone, assuming that was the goal, was to just slightly upgrade standard ammo somehow if you take the swap ammo power.   Standard now becomes "armor piercing" or something. Considering you are sticking with all lethal, it could have used a slight upgrade to keep up with the other types anyway.  Instead it is made even more inferior and you are even more encouraged to abandon it entirely now.  Agree that it is unfortunate to see.



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Because the recharge varies based on ammo type (20s for standard, 8s otherwise), my guess is that it has something to do with proc-bomb builds. Powers with slow base recharge times have higher proc rates, and powers that recharge quickly have lower proc rates. So basically they're asking you to commit to either loading up the power with procs (use normal ammo) or slotting a set in there (any other ammo), which really doesn't make sense for a powerset which is supposed to be able to change up its playstyle on the fly. 


And it's also kind of shit because there's a world of difference between a power that procs good and a power that is ONLY good with procs. Another reason to hate this stupid meta. 

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Closed Beta Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DptUBzh


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