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Pyyr, the Little Blaster who Could: An involuntarily solo Faathim the Kind story

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I hopped on a Faathim pug that was advertised in LFG chat the other night.


We filled to seven pretty fast, but one dropped, a Peacebringer of Warshade, I'm not sure which, but since I fought quantums the whole run, it had to be one or the other. Anyway, we ultimately roll with 6, which is fine by me but in this case, carried a certain sense of foreboding that I only realized later.


The Rularuu are pretty rough and while we never actually wipe, everyone's struggling through the initial kill alls, but we're making progress despite a little challenge.  They mobs were absolutely unimpressed with my over soft capped defenses or my 65 feet of PvE stealth, so I'm having to play uncharacteristically smart.


In the middle of the second (or third) Kill all, the leader "DCs." If it was legit, then whatever connectivity issue he or she had lasted for over 5 hours, becuse that's how long I grinded on that TF without seeing them log back in (on that toon, anyway). Before the end of that mission, another player had the same connection issues. At that time, someone on the team says, "I doubt we can do this with four," and quits, prompting everyone else to do the same. That some the remaining players quit was a kindness, as I will explain momentarily. 


Ever the optimist, I slowly cleared out that +4 Rularuu map spawned for 6 with a couple defeats, but nothing too discouraging and moved on to the next mission. Of course, it's spawned for three or four because people logged out without quitting the TF, but I lowered my difficulty settings while the last team members were bailing, and I carried on.


Rolling on all by my lonesome:


Malaise:  killed

Mom: killed

Nemesis?: killed

Baphomet: killed

Lots of grindy travel and trash mobs later, I get to Lanaru at which point I realize that my ace in the hole (Shivans) are comically useless against him and just flop around for a few minutes and disappear.  I fought Lanaru a few times, getting him down to about 10ish percent and can't get over the hump.


I log out and let it simmer for a few days, during which time the players with "connection issues" logged in and quit the TF. My first run at Lanaru I again get him to about 10% and die. RtB (Return to Battle) is up, so I rez, re-toggle and TCB.


I've soloed quite a few task forces on this and other blasters, including an ITF and most of an Aeon, and Lanaru was the hardest single AV, though to be fair, I got *super* lucky on the ITF and separated Romulus from his fluffy buddies, making it a much easier fight.  my breaking point on Aeon was the final mission with two AVs (Zoe and what's his name) active at once.


Anyway, if anyone who bailed on the TF because it was too hard or because they "doubt we can do this with four" is reading this: it's not, and we can.


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It’s amazing to see you finish one of the hardest TFs in a game on a blaster! You did something that was considered undoable during Live, and then only by rads or poisons due to the immense amounts of debuffs needed. I’ve had to resize what is now considered possible on Homecoming several times already. Thanks for expanding that boundary once again. 

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3 hours ago, kito said:

Don't mind him he was one of the people that left..you just beat him to the post.

Lol noooooo I was NOT on that TF.   1st rule of things like Faathim.  Full team is a must.   So….I would not have started with a short team unless i knew one or two of the other maniacs.  

Also…. These…( so many words fit here ) … were running a Shadow Shard TF at increased difficulty.   <insert Eddie Murphy maniacal laugh>.  What could possibly go wrong?


Yeah.  If you shoot yourself in both feet do not waddle over to me and complain/brag about what a tough walk it was.

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