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How to increase your capacity for inspirations at any level

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No, this isn't a mod. My capacity for inspirations has been about 50 over what you see on your character. Mostly break frees and rez's. The answer? Just mail yourself a bunch of inspirations. You can have up to 100 emails which mostly went unused until I started doing this. This works with all of your characters since they all have access. If I get an extra rez or whatever, I mail it.


If you die and don't have a rez, just check your mail 🙂

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2 hours ago, biostem said:

If you don't mind using up some transaction slots, the auction house is also a convenient place to store some.

Though inaccessible in instance play, including bases.


I do find though that buying the large or team inspirations for low cost well in advance, perhaps days in advance, will keep a supply handy for replacements when visiting the "real" world between instances.  Just "/ah" it (minus quotes) in your chat to open the auction window outside the instances  (This is, of course, assuming a new player didn't know that).

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