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VEAT Colors and weapon/arrows

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It's been mentioned since the dawn of time, and still somehow keeps getting overlooked, but PLEASE fix veats to let us color their powers. Obviously this is biggest for fortunatas and their psy powers, but come on, it's been long enough.


Edit: Throwing this in here cause it's still needed as well, but to allow us to color the weapon powers as well. This means the sparks of any weapon that come when you attack, the glowing aura that chases the target when powers like cleave, crowd control, and golden dragonfly are used, and pretty much every arrow power like acid arrow, disruption arrow, BLAZING ARROW, glue arrow, EMP ARROW, etc.

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9 hours ago, A.I.D.A. said:

Other un-colourable powers that probably should be colourable are the Dual Pistol ammo types.


More cosmetics always good.



agreed! although DP is already one of the best animated sets already it can always be better!

Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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