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Incarnates for Veats?

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3 minutes ago, ChocolateMercenary said:

Are you aiming for function or theme? Are you playing a Bane Spider? Crab Spider? Widow? Are you having END issues? Need more damage? People either use Incarnate powers to double down on a strength, or patch a hole in the build. What are you trying to do?

Went off a tweaked build from @tidge. Feels like Def/Resist is OK but really not sure Where the Holes are.



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Widows will need to take Ageless. Especially, Night Widows.

Bane and Crabs can take Barrier, if they haven't proc'ed their attacks out too much.

If you take Ageless, then you can take Muscular Core for max damage. Otherwise, see how your end usage is and take Musc radial for some more recovery.


Assault core for Banes and Crabs. Now, for Forts and NWs, it's a bit  tricky. They are very heavily lethal/psi damage, so you can consider taking Assault Radial to mix in some energy damage. But in the end I suggest Assault core. Especially, for NWs, widows attack so fast they can maintain high Assault Core stack levels.


Interface is another place where you can pick up some extra damage types, but Bane and Soldiers can boost the toxic damage from Degeneration with Venom grenade by 40%, so I go for the 75% toxic/25% max hp debuff. Widows I go with 75% max hp debuff. Though they can stack a lot of -resist though Reactive due to their high attack speed. Interfaces are not super useful, so play around.


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For my VEATs - my spider and my widow - I've had pretty nice results from using Alpha: Agility Radial; Musculature Radial or Nerve Core might also be nice picks from what I remember of using them on Live.


Degenerative is a very popular pick for VEATs on Interface (especially for spiders with Venom Grenade); I also like using Interface: Spectral on my Widow for thmatic reasons.


And, I think Ion Core is very popular across the board for Judgment, but I think there aren't really any "bad" picks for your Judgment Slot really.


For the other Incarnate lots that you didn't mention:  the Arachnos Lore (Core and Radial) fit thematically with most VEATs and luckily are good in the DPS department; I've enjoyed running Destiny: Rebirth Radial (for the massive heal and +regen); and, I've liked Hybrid: Control on my Widow (with the Radial side of the tree being used by the Night Widow build and the Core side being used by the Fortunata build).  Hybrid: Control Core pairs nicely with the way that Fortunatas lean into crowd control by increasing the MAG of the controls and giving some extra damage to attacks against controlled foes.



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I had missed that I was tagged on this thread...


I found that on my favorite Fortunata, the biggest issue (not really a "hole") was Endurance. I addressed it through Cardiac (Core, for MOAR). Players who simplify their attack strategy can probably go another route.


For the Crabs/Hunstmen I will simply Alpha = Musculature.


I usually don't put much thought into the other Incarnate abilities. Of them, I usually craft multiple options for Destiny and just switch depending on content. Ageless is probably the best choice (for Debuff resistance) but I have several "panic buttons" so my Fortunata doesn't usually have this slotted.


Judgement is almost always Ionic, because it is relatively easy to use and there are only a handful of enemies that can "defeat" it (e.g. Intangible Carnies)


Interface is almost always Degenerative (Radial), simply because I *like* the %-HP more than other effects but I don't really need it (so I take the %75 DoT Radial path)


Lore is whatever I feel like.


I treat Hybrid like Destiny... I usually craft multiples and alternate among them. Crabberminds start with Support, everyone else starts with Assault (for simplicity). I rather like combining the Support Destiny in addition to the other "Leadership" types of powers on VEATs to further buff teammates.

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