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Base Scrawl Winner

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Heroes and Villains of HC -


Hold onto your brushes, art aficionados, because we've reached the finale of our incredibly close base art contest! 


But first, a heartfelt round of applause for all of our participants who poured their souls onto the canvas - your passion and creativity truly shone through! Your masterpieces remind us that art isn't just about winning, but about sharing the beauty of imagination. ❤️ Thank you, all.

And now, after an intense round of deliberation, we are thrilled to unveil the winner:


"Sea Sanctuary"
SCUBA-29707 on Everlasting

Let's give them a standing ovation for their astounding talent and dedication!

But wait! The drama doesn't end there! The race was so tight that we couldn't overlook the breathtaking pieces by our runners-up. Each stroke of genius made this a photo-finish affair that left us judges in awe:

I truly cannot stress enough that all of these bases need to be seen to be appreciated! Please do yourselves a favor and give them a look. You'll be happy that you did!

In alphabetical order:



"Night Sky"
By @Aalya
SKY-29730 on Everlasting

"Paragon Kinda Fine Arts Academy"
By @Lunar Witch
DINORAMA-29705 on Everlasting

By @Jessica
POPTART-27273 on Excelsior

Well done, each of you. You should be proud of what you've accomplished! I can guarantee that each of us judges will continue to visit and share your work with others - so if at all possible, I implore you to keep these bases public! 'Cause we ain't done enjoying them yet! 

Stay tuned for more artistic adventures and captivating contests in basing! 

Until then, keep inspiring and keep creating, because every stroke brings us closer to a more colorful world.

Eagerly embracing creativity,

CR Dacy, CR Easter Bunny and special guest Challenger Garbage Wizard!

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Congrats, @Interrabang! Your art blew me away. It is a wonderful experience!


All the exhibits are fantastic. I enjoyed them all. The creativity is undeniable!



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