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  1. I started the Excelsior Taxi Service SG today. I'd like to host zone badge tours as our main activity. If enough people can help me, a taxi will be stationed at each badge in a zone. We'll port people from badge to badge. We can do a different zone each week, porting people for an hour. I'm thinking Taxi Tuesday has a nice ring to it. I will be able to host from 8pm - 9pm CST on Tuesday evenings. Perhaps other leaders could coordinate other times during the week: Metro Mondays, Where's-the-badge Wednesdays, Find-a-badge Fridays, etc. Lemme know if you want to join me!
  2. SG: Excelsior Taxi Service SG Officer: Taxibot 2 Global: @Spider-Babe Remember the Taxibots? I was one of them! I used to play as Taxibot 2 on the Virtue server back in the live days, and I loved our group of super helpful taxis. I'm hoping to resurrect the Taxibots on Excelsior with this super group. When enough people join me, on Taxi Tuesdays we'll be hosting zone badge tours. Let me know if you'd like to be a part of the Taxibot legacy!
  3. Yay! Glad to hear you're ready for taxi duty, Shaw!
  4. Heya! I'm a little late to the party, but I just created a taxibot on Excelsior server. Taxibot 2! I used to play as Taxibot 2 on the Virtue server back in the Live days. I don't remember much from the game back then, but I'm excited about making new memories on Homecoming.
  5. Umm...well, right after posting this, I was able to locate the racks by going below my base, looking up at it from below, zooming out really far, and then selecting the missing racks via the "Current Room" list. One had sunk below the floor, and the other was across the base stuck in a rock.
  6. Hello! I am hoping someone can help me retrieve some storage racks I've lost in my base. I can select the two I've lost in the "Current Room" list, but, when selected, I can't find them. They both contain salvage so I can't delete them. This happened because I had forgotten to enable clipping when I tried to move one, and it went...somewhere. Then, a few days later, I moved another one to see if maybe the one I lost was inside it, and that other rack disappeared. Ack! Is there anyway to find these racks without dismantling my base? Thank you!
  7. That toggle option does nothing for me too. I feel the same way about all those pet names floating around. They're ugly and unnecessary. But, oh well, I guess.
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