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"Hostless Nictus Aspect" targeting macro works sometimes, sometimes not

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My dom ran a 4* ITF this evening and I tried using a macro to target hostless nictus aspects, with some success and with some failed efforts at targeting them even when they were in plain view.


Not sure why a macro would work sometimes to target a specific named creature type, but not at other times. Are "Hostless ..." considered different creatures once they are trying to take somebody over, requiring the use of a different targeting macro? 


The macro used was as follows:


/macro Target target_name "Hostless Nictus Aspect"


It is perhaps worth mentioning that when this same macro is used with targets such as Sally, Echoai, Jack in Irons, Atomic Bomb, Kidnapped Salamancans, Walter Daschle, etc, it seems to be totally reliable. 

Any insight provided would be most helpful and appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Obviously I can't look directly at your screen, but I have an inkling that you were trying to target them before they were able to be targetted.


Hostless aren't immediately targettable upon spawning and can even cast off their grab before they do. A keen eye will notice their name popping above their head to signify they can be targetted, since they are considered a pet entity.


However, I'm pretty certain all player pet entities can target them before PCs can, so patches and I believe MM pets can start affecting them immediately. I could totally use a fact check on that though.



Fun fact: Pets can be targetted by Hostless, which will cause them to fire off their grab and wasting it in the process. This also includes Carrion Creepers!

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Thank you for the insights. It seems clear that at least sometimes I was indeed trying to target them before they could be. I'll watch more closely next time to learn more before giving up on the current targeting macro. 


I have an illusion / poison controller whose ears perked up upon hearing that phants may distract hostless and get them to waste their grab on them. 

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I'm with Betty on this one.  I bet that's what's going on.  It may seem inconsistent because in my experience the "untargetability" of spawned (or self-rezzing) mobs is inconsistent.  Sometimes I can target them immediately, other times it takes a few seconds.  More often the latter.  I can always attack them through pets though.  Not helpful in chaotic situations with lots of targets though, since you can't guarantee any pet will select the target you want.

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