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So, you like doing damage? (Rad/Earth/Levi Concept)

Spaghetti Betty

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Hi, I like doing damage! I have a feeling you do too, which is why you're here in the Blaster forums, and also probably why you clicked on this thread. I also may have allured you with my title. Don't fret, because I have a way with words. And Spaghetti.


So, in my quest to do as much damage as possible in the most unorthodox way, I happened upon Radiation Blast. Now, Rad Blast is an odd duck. On the surface, it doesn't have very many standout powers. Most of it's AoEs are on the slow side, and even it's 2 hardest hitting ST blasts leave a bit to be desired. But what if I told you Rad Blast can actually be one of the hardest hitting primaries, and all it takes is throwing caution to the wind?


If you're a frequent surfer of the forums, you might already know that damage procs can bring your offense to such unintended (or intended? Hmmmmmmmm) heights that it can make some players groan. This is where Radiation Blast shines like a very aggressive sun during a Texas summer. Every power in Rad Blast can essentially be loaded with at least 4 damage procs. Is that necessary? No! Obviously we have to fit some -Res and other fun stuff in there too. And you can rest assured knowing that you'll never miss, thanks to Defense Cascade Failure™! The big key power we're taking away from here is Irradiate - an extremely powerful and wide PBAoE that can take a slew of procs that will be incredibly useful in our endeavors. 


Now, granted, there are probably better secondaries to pair with Rad Blast than Earth, but I've taken a liking to it for one specific reason: Seismic Smash. Why exactly did we give one of the hardest hitting melee attacks to Blasters? I don't know! But I love it. This power alone means we are definitely going to center our entire strategy around dumping as much ST hurt as we can as small of a timeframe as possible.


That's where Leviathan Mastery makes it entrance. Hey, isn't that the pool with all the fancy shark attacks that suck? Ok, well, Spirit Jaws doesn't suck but that isn't what we're here for! We're here for Knockout Blow. Once again, why in the everloving hell do Blasters get access to this? Who cares! We're taking it. For those not familiar with KO Blow, it is the strongest ST attack from Super Strength. I hope you've been following me so far.


So, let's take all of these parts, and get the goblin brain a-workin', and come up with something that will for sure make an AV wish they brought their brown pants!



don't miss - Blaster (Radiation Blast - Earth Manipulation).mbd


Yup, that'll really put out some pain!


Now, I've run this all the way from lvl 10 to 50+, so I'll fill you in on some takeaways from that experience!


It hurts.

  All the of the moving parts in this build lend itself to extremely high burst damage. Opening with Irradiate allows a chance for not one, but two -Res procs to apply to your targets, along with the -DEF, and potential nuke damage from procs. It does an incredible job of softening up your opponent for the next round of Proton Volley - > Seismic Smash - > KO Blow - a potential of well over 1K in burst damage! I will mention that with this build, AoE isn't great, but that's not what I'm here for.


It dies.

 Dying is a Blaster trademark, so why push against the norm? You're here to deal damage. While Rune of Protection (and Melee Hybrid) are included to help soften blows a bit, you really should find a Defender to hide behind. Or pop Inspirations! They are definitely a mechanic.


It still runs out of Endurance.

  I don't think I've played a toon that will still bottom out with almost 300% recovery, but this Blaster will find a way to do it. It's a very wild ride flattening +4 bosses before your blue bar vanishes, but it's sooo worth it.



All in all, I think I've successfully found a Blaster that amplifies everything the AT is known for to a T. It's definitely a mainstay on my roster. I encourage anyone to take the build for yourself and spin it however you like. I simply took the combo and pushed it's damage potential as high as I could, while maintaining my own personal goals for builds in general. Happy blasting!



Oh yeah and Arcane Bolt is there because I like the sparklies.

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