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  1. How about Mender Derek keeps tripping over the timeline of today and lets say its this day that is his birthday and he keeps coming back to this day and we gift donate over and over...
  2. This was done by Celtic Bolt back in the day
  3. This is soooooo awesome to see dig all the CoX/HC art keep it coming plz and ty πŸ™‚ Just logged onto my old DA page ahhhh the memory's lol
  4. This game is byyyyyy farrrrrrrr the bestest game evah for needing anything including inf its nothing to make what I need to get purples for my 50 mains ( lol I call ALL my 50's my mains) or just enjoy the char 1-50 (and I can honestly say none 0 zip nada have seen a farm) with so's/do's same/same to me this game is sooooo enjoyable it means very little to me in regards to inf etc. etc.. Its nothing to find a purple recipe in my inventory like finding 20 bucks in your jean pocket you forgot all about πŸ™‚Like sooo many have posted it's a game...the best mmo evah so yea enjoy πŸ™‚
  5. Great OP I was just thinking I can't remember ever saying nice heelz playing the City I've always said "Nice Buffs" πŸ™‚ much appreciated.
  6. I just got a dark blast/WP/DM Sent to tier 3 and with the incarnate extra damage/def/res the survivability is crazy and xtra damage is very nice for a Sent but in no wayyyy tanky/blastery but the IO'd out minus to hit/DM holds with again the I-stuff is sooooooo much fun πŸ™‚
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