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New and expanded IO sets!

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OK, no, I'm not fleshing out individual sets here, but there are a few things I'd love to see. I've mentioned some before, but it's been a bit, and fishing through the AH brings them back to mind.


No, none of these would replace current sets. They should be additional in the category. Yes, some can be done with frankenslotting - and possibly more efficiently. Don't care.


Generally following the one-lower, one-higher (10-30 or 35, and 30-50) pattern.


1. Accurate healing - with damage.

There are several, primarily melee, powers which are both attacks and heals, across a few ATs. I'm sitting on a Warshade at the moment, so Essence Drain comes to mind - but Dark armor, Necromancy, and I *believe* Dark Blast have similar powers in them. Being able to slot a full set instead of frankenslotting to do both healing and damage, with a smattering of accuracy, would be nice.


2. Accurate defense debuff - with damage.

There are a number of sets that do a defense debuff as a secondary - and enhanceable - effect. (Much of a Peacebringer's power set, for instance, as well as a number of lethal damage sets.) Shake things up with this - add to that -def, get the acc an attack needs, and do damage.


3. End mod / Health / Absorb

Yeah. This one I've talked about before. I'd still like to see a set that focused on enhancing both these attributes at once. There's not (to my knowledge, at least - I don't recall one) a hami that does this either. And this would be an option for *everyone.* After all, what does Rest take? This could  probably have a set with and a set without an Acc component.


Honestly, I could see two sets like this, with one being a smaller 3 piece set. (Probably the non-Acc one.)


4. Accurate def buff.

Assuming there's more than Parry that would use this - I think there is, but I can't recall it. Accuracy, damage and defense focused. Just for a few more options in slotting.


5. Accurate teleport.

For TP foe and fold space. One set would probably be fine on this, with a bit of recharge.


Figuring bonuses would probably lean into whatever's not enhanced as much for the main point of the set - so if slotting ended up with (say) 45% damage, 40% healing, 10% Acc, it'd have bonuses to boost the acc and/or tohit a bit.

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More sets =  more choices = more variety. 


#6  Cast time reduction set (unique set like the summer blockbuster thing)

#7  Diametric set <switches the innate element of a power to its antithesis> (Fire/Ice)(nrg/dark)(S/L)(Toxic,Psi)(Elec/Rad)

#8  Mag boost set. <Increases the mag of a powers effect by 1> (unique, cannot be slotted in damage sets)

#9  Panoramic Reflexes <Widens cone by 50% but increases recharge time by 50%>



Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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