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Mercs/Nature build + discussion


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So I dabbled with Mercs/Nature a bit. Mostly because I want to make /Nature work somewhere and Mercs primary attacks are good for +recharge procs. So Serum, Overgwoth, Wild Bastion are easy to keep up permanently.


+ really high resistances, s/l capped on MM and the Mercs

+ really high healing + absorb


- low def means getting debuffed really easily

- mercs shred defense, nature gives +ToHit which might be "too much"


Any input is welcome. Maybe I can leverage Nature better with another primary. 


AlmaV2 Mastermind (Mercs - Nature).mbd

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  • On Wild Growth slot 3 pieces of a resist set and 3 pieces of a healing set. The +regen is substantial and worth enhancing.
  • The Panacea proc in Wild Bastion will only go off when you fire the power. Better to slot it in Health where it can fire 3x per minute. The Numina proc has a 120 second duration and works well in Wild Bastion if you re-apply the buff when it expires.
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On 8/29/2023 at 5:40 AM, Uun said:

On Wild Growth slot 3 pieces of a resist set and 3 pieces of a healing set. The +regen is substantial and worth enhancing.

As a counterpoint, with high resists backing a Ground Patch heal, a cone heal and a huge absorb shield I don't think that investing in the regen is getting much value out of those slots. That will really come down to personal preference, but it's not a clear cut case of great value.

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