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Welcome back to Sai's super stupid suggestion Saturday.

Remember zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Once upon a time way back yonder when dinos roamed the earth, when you got mezzed (short for held, slept, stunned)

you would type zzzzzzzzzzzz and a support AT would hit you with a clear mind or an increase density etc.... 


Lets bring zzzzzzzzzzzz back again.

Heres my suggestion.

typing "z" will help reduce the time you are mezzed (shakes fist at malta perma stun)

More status resistance would mean less typing zzzz to break out

Less status resistance would mean more typing zzzz to break out


yes im aware there are breakfrees, teammates, AT's that have built in mez protection.

but its a little weird to watch my sleeping blaster shoot enemies accurately and

it would be immersive to watch your character struggle to throw off dizzyness.

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Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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Your character is already struggling to throw off dizziness. The better their resists, the better they are at throwing off dizziness, sleep, et al. And with protection, they are so good at throwing off such effects, that it takes a really powerful force to affect them with it.


(Edit: Also, it's only Wednesday here. So either your Saturday suggestion is way late or way early. 😛)

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I almost typed zzz the other day because my friend that likes to play empathy was on the team and i got mezzed.  But i figured i would be free by the time i typed it in and she reacted,  which i was,  so i didnt.  


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